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7 Mistakes Women Make During Sex That Turn Men Off

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Whether you’ve had sex a lot or it’s your first time, sex is fun.  It’s different with every person, some may like gentle nibbles on the ear, others sensual kisses on the lips. So yeah, there isn’t a one size fits all. But there are definitely things that could turn off a majority of men. No, the onus isn’t only on you to keep things blazing but these mistakes are basics that you can totally avoid. Curious? Apprehensive? Don’t worry, here’s where we help you out! Here are the biggest mistakes women make during sex that totally turn guys off!

  1. When you start treating sex like a chore

A lot of women feel that by having sex with the guy, they are doing him a favour. They feel like a goddess, and just lay there. Honestly, if you are just going lie there, are you even enjoying it? He doesn’t find it super fun either. If it’s not clear yet, let’s make things a bit obvious – nobody likes f**king a corpse. Don’t be afraid to take charge when it comes to foreplay and sex. That’s the only way to sex it up, honey!

  1. Make love not porn

On the other hand, going over-the-top and moaning and bucking like you’re in a porn film is probably not a good idea also.  Guys don’t expect their partner to be a woman like the porn they watch. That’s just weird. You want to keep it real. Stay off the   porn-like expressions, noises, and moves.

  1. When you smell down there…or anywhere

The sure-shot way to turn your man off (why though) is to skip a shower. No one smells fresh all the time, we get it. But you don’t want to test his olfactory senses. Take a shower, put on some deo, maybe dab on some perfume before getting it on. Smelling good can never hurt. On the other hand, smelling bad can be quite the turn off.

  1. When you insist on keeping the lights off

Guys find confidence sexy. And hiding between the sheets, insisting on switching off the lights doesn’t really scream confidence Own all your flaws and imperfections! In fact, most of the time, he probably doesn’t even think of them as flaws.

  1. Getting busy on your phone

It’s annoying enough when people do that on the dinner table. Bringing digital distraction to your sex life is bound to kill it. Your guy would feel that you’re rather disinterested, and that isn’t exactly the best turn-on, is it? So put your phone away while you nibble on your favourite cutie.


  1. Any kind of sobbing

Whatever you are going through, sobbing of any kind in bed should be avoided. If you burst into tears during or after sex, first of all, he’s going to be very confused. Secondly, he’s going to think he hurt you in some way. Don’t put that guilt on him. How about catching up on some sleep instead?

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  1. When you forcefully mark him

If it’s a random hook up or if you guys have just started dating, save the love bites for another time. You could chat about it and he doesn’t want marks of your session, respect that. That’s a major turn off for guys. Consent is a two-way street and you wouldn’t want him to do anything you’ve said no to so the same applies to him.


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