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6 Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Dramatic Of All

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I believe it’s too late now for me to deny being a tad dramatic because my loved ones already know. You can’t hide these things for too long. If I am going through a breakup, I will act way too happy sometimes and then throw random philosophical lines at unsuspecting friends. If I am mad at someone, I will be a little dramatic about expressing it, which of course, I realise only after the fight has been fixed. Thank God, I am blessed with people who are immensely patient, equally dramatic or at least adorable enough to go along with it.

There’s something so much fun about being dramatic and I blame Bollywood for it. Remembering dates – first meeting, first kiss, etc – it’s all so cute! A little filminess keeps life interesting! Are you a little dramatic too?

If you belong to one of these zodiac signs, then you might as well stop denying it!


Regular living is for the mortals. You like excitement and thrill, which means your choices often find you in the middle of really unique situations. And if that doesn’t call for some drama, what does? You like being the center of attention and you are because your life is so interesting, you feel like you’re in a web series! Or you like you pretend like you are in one.

On the flip side, there’s never a boring moment when you’re around. Your friends love listening to your intriguing tales and you have the knack of making good banter!


You are made up of 80 % emotions and sometimes, your reaction to a situation is a little exaggerated. Of course, you don’t realise it until you are back to feeling chirpy again! You’re sentimental and you may need a little reassurance at times, but when you’re not being moody, you’re super fun!

So what if you’re a little dramatic? All that love and affection you bring to the table makes up for it. If anything, it comes in the package and they better accept you the way you are.


You’re royalty and when it comes to being dramatic, you like to be a queen of that too! You know you deserve the best and you are guilty of being used to having things your way. When you don’t get what you were expecting, you can be a little tantrum-y. But when the fire is put out, you realise and make amends!

Well, that’s your way of standing up for yourself but if impulsiveness is harming you more than others, I’d say pick your drama wisely.


You love drama, and if there’s nothing going on in your life, you get dragged into the stories of people around you. You love being the agony aunt, giving advice until you realise a lot of your free time goes into dealing with others’ crisis. You hate it but you secretly love it.

Hang up the phone! Take some time off and don’t let your ears be bitten off for charity. If I were you, I’d be charging for all that. Well, that’s a job you’d love?


Usually fun-loving and chilled out, you can find your passionate side making way for your dramatic side when someone pisses you off. What you really hate about it though is that you want to be just angry and feel fierce but you start tearing up when you’re mad. Some may call it being dramatic but you believe you just feel more intensely than the others. Maybe be around people you are compatible with!

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Not many people see you as dramatic; that privilege you’ve given to your close ones. Everybody sees you as chilled out and practical but deep down you’re temperamental and react before thinking. When something upsets you, it makes you feel like the world is crashing down. Also, you may seem all detached but you secretly want a fairytale love life!

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