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6 Cute Ways To Celebrate Christmas When You’re In An LDR

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The beginning of December is basically the start of all things festive and every year, this gets us all excited. Christmas present shopping, spending time with loved ones, putting up lights on the Christmas tree with bae while sipping on some hot chocolate, it truly is the season to be jolly. When you’re in a long distance relationship, doing these, together at least, can be a bit of a struggle.  But, here are a few ways you can make up for that lost midnight kiss and Christmas cuddles. We’ll tell you how.

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Fix a Skype date

This may be the most clichéd yet the most effective way to overcome the cuddle-drought during the holidays. Set a date, time and the mood with some wine and candles, and dine together over Skype, trying to recreate what it would be like had you been together.

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Send surprise gifts through the mail

Make use of the element of surprise and send in Christmas gifts for your SO well in advance through mail. There is nothing like the happiness that comes with unwrapping a gift from your loved one, and finding out how they remembered getting you that wallet they told you about.

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Christmas Twinning

While you can’t share the same room, trying sharing a Christmas uniform! Get yourself matching PJs to to make the moment really special.

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Movie marathon

Try settling in for a movie night. Pick a romantic or a comedy movie, play it at the same time and enjoy watching it together. Throw in some popcorn and occasional texts discussing moments from the movie for a complete experience.

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Bake together

December holidays are officially dessert season. Indulge in some sweet tooth seduction by trying to bake a cake together. Get on Skype, pick up the same recipe and try to add some sweetness to your day. Later, you can discuss who baked it better.

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Make joint New-year’s resolutions

FaceTime each other at 12 am to welcome the new year and perhaps confide in each other some resolutions for the year. You can work on making it happen together as a couple.


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