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6 Telling Signs You’re Dating A Man-Child

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You started dating this guy whose energy is infectious. It feels like you are riding a wave of oxytocin. And while it’s great because you are in the first flushes of love, after a while, you want to know this is real. Now, you just feel tired of the boundless energy he has. Your energy gets drained from keeping up with the many weekday party plans with his friends. And the other half gets drained in making him see beyond them. You begin to wonder if you’re acting too old for your age, or if you’re boyfriend isn’t getting you. How do you know for sure? Here are some sure-shot signs that prove that you, as a matter of fact, are dating a man-child.

You find it difficult to have a decent conversation with him

In the initial phase, the khaana khaaya? talk seems cute. Two months later, if that’s the most in-depth conversation you’re having with him, then you know you need more! The moment you start talking about anything slightly deeper, such as life, feminism, economy or politics – he turns a deaf ear. If the most meaningful conversation you had with him was about this new spin-toy in the market, you know you’re dealing with a man-child here.


Fights with him are ugly

A mature guy when confronted, will try to understand your perspective. He will have a conversation with you, at least after you both have cooled down. A man-child on the other hand, will throw a fit and refuse to acknowledge your feelings. Let him sulk , we have some adulting to do!

He repeats his mistakes over and over

A guy who genuinely understands his mistake, will try his best to not hurt you again. This guy says sorry just for the heck of it, to get the fight over and done with. That night when you sat him down and really talked about your feelings for him, basically did nothing for him. His mind is so full of  fluff, that he just cannot spare cranial capacity for your relationship.

He doesn’t know how to execute his big plans

So this guy has colossal plans. He wants to start a business, become rich, own a Ferrari and take a London vacation a few months down the line. You ask him his plan for all these things and he has nothing but a bunch of high BS lines. He’s one of those guys who follow motivational accounts on Instagram and yet all his weekends are spent playing PUBG on his couch. No, you don’t have to wait around for him to find his Lakshya.

You find yourself constantly nagging him

You’re constantly picking after him, doing things for him and basically adulting on his behalf. You signed up to be his girlfriend, not his mother. Save yourself all that nagging. The boy has some serious growing up to do and you can’t wait around for this to happen. Dump his sorry ass!

His idea of fun is ridiculously immature

On weekends, his house looks like a wreck. Beer bottles all over the floor, ashtrays filled to the rims define his idea of fun. A few pizza boxes and equally immature friends are regulars at his abode. And you just cannot deal with this anymore. How about dating someone to Netflix and chill with, in a nice, clean home?


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