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6 Subtle Ways His Body Language Says He’s Totally Into You

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Going on dates is fun. The anticipation, the ‘what to wear’ and all that. And then of course, there’s all the feels and attraction and all that. Basically, dating is a lot of guesswork. We wonder if they really like us or are just playing the field. What if he is in just for the sex? So many questions, and yet it would be too weird or clingy to simply ask, at least initially. Also, because words can be misleading. But as Shakira puts it, hips (and your body language) don’t lie. Our body speaks a language far more telling. And you’ll be surprised (as much as we are!) at how much you can read about a person from the most unassuming of gestures and movements. Since boss babes don’t rely on guesswork, here’s how you can dissect his feelings, by simply analysing his body language.

His pupils dilate when he sees you

When we look at something or someone we are attracted to, our pupils dilate. So if he looks at you with eyes all lit up, you know he adores you.


He shows his front teeth while smiling in your company

Most guys stop smiling like that at the age of 10. This type of smile indicates that he lets the inner child take over and his guard is down. He truly enjoys your company!

He scans your face

Making eye contact is too mainstream! If he looks at your eyes, nose and lips while you talk about your day, it means he is totally smitten by you. He finds you not just attractive, but beautiful.

He reflects your movements

Next time you are on a date, watch out for this thing in particular. When you take a sip of your drink, does he do the same? When someone is close to you and in sync with you, they tend to involuntarily reflect your movements.

He speaks with his hands

If he does a lot of hand movements while talking, it indicates that he is an expressive person. Which is great, because we’d love a man who can declare his love, in different ways!

His feet point towards you

When we are standing in a room full of people, our toes are always pointed toward the person closest to us. So the next time you meet him at a house party, remember to check his feet (sneakily of course!)


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