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6 Stupid And Hurtful Dating Trends That Are Killing Modern Day Romance

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Gone are the days when dating was easy and just required two people falling for each other. Today, it’s as complicated as trigonometry (even more, actually!). Earlier, breaking up over a text was frowned upon. Today, ghosting is a completely common phenomenon. Like, when (and why) did we become so okay with the disappearing act? We sign up on dating apps, hoping that the virtual world will be different, but is it really? Modern dating trends are ruining it for us millennials and how. Here are some dating trends that we should pledge to bid adieu to this year!


We are always on our phones. This is a fact. But when this habit makes an appearance on a date, you know it’s time to reflect. Phubbing (phone + snubbing) is when a person chooses to pay more attention to their phone than their company. It may come as a shock to you but that Instagram update can wait. Put the phone down.

Tackle it: Keep your phone aside when in company. If you’re dining with a phubber, ghost on them. They’ll be so engrossed in their feeds and DMs, they’ll probably not even notice.


Like a meticulously planned bank robbery, this pertains to pre-planning a breakup. In your head, you are already aware that this is not something you’d want in the long term. But right now, it’s all you have and it’s fun. You know there’s a breakup around the corner, and you set the stage for it. Sabotaging the relationship, deliberate fights and several ‘it’s not you, it’s me’  convesations later, you’re a free bird again.

Tackle it: Don’t play with their emotions. End things with honesty instead. If you are at the receiving end, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it.


Have you ever been with someone and had no clue how to define your relationship with them? It’s definitely not friends with benefits, since you both have feelings. It’s not a committed relationship either. You go on dates, have sleepovers (with sex, cuddling and conversations). This almost-relationship is, what the millennials call, a situationship. We sign up for it, because, deep down we hope it will someday materialise into a full-fledged relationship. In some cases, it does but they are exceptions and not the rule. Most of us end up feeling heartbroken once the situationship ends, because there’s no next level to it. It is what it is.

Tackle it: If you are okay with it just being a temporary arrangement, go for it. However, if you are in it hoping for a relationship – remember that you may be disappointed.


People meet, fall in love and start living with each other. This is the traditional way live-in relationships worked. Today, we have the cringe-worthy concept, known as cohabidating. Here two romantically involved people get into space sharing to save money!  Three months later if you realise that he is an absolute pain to live with – you can’t even move out because you’ve already paid the deposit for the next six months.

Tackle it: If you don’t have a better reason to get into it, don’t. Find another roommate who will not drive you nuts.


As shallow as it sounds, we all have a guy we really are crushing on. And then there’s a guy B, who is just a backup. They remain on bench, because they are good, but you aren’t really cray cray about them. Plus, they are almost always available for you when you need them. They fill the void in your life, even though temporarily.

Tackle it: Don’t lead someone on. Don’t get led on. Break the vicious cycle and be self-sufficient if you are alone.

Grandeing – the trend that boss babes should follow!

Ariana Grande’s Thank You, Next is one of the productive trends that has come out of social media lately. This means you don’t cry over failed relationships and f***bois who broke your heart. Someone ghosted you? Thank you, next.



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