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6 Signs You’re *Not* Ready For A Relationship

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You’ve probably been seeing or crushing on this cutie. His texts turn into a big ball of mush and dates with him seem more fun than Coachella. Sure he can annoy you sometimes, but never in a million years would you put him up on OLX! You love the way things are going (slow!) but the moment he mentions the R-word, it scares the living daylights out of you! With every step you take towards getting back onto the ‘committed’ bandwagon, you take two steps back. While getting cold feet is common, maybe you’re just not ready for a relationship. And maybe it’s not them, it’s you! Here are 6 signs to watch out for that suggest you to need to stick to singledom for a while.

1. You need someone to be happy.

Look at your dating pattern. Are you guilty of jumping from one boy to the next? You haven’t even healed yet, and you’ve got your eye (or hands… who’s checking?) on someone new. It’s possible that you’re in love with the idea of love, and not the person. To be truly happy in a relationship, you need to feel complete within yourself. Take time out… when sitting in a quaint café, all by yourself, with your copy of The Fault In Our Stars doesn’t seem horrifying anymore, you know you’re ready.

2. You are carrying baggage from the past.

We know dealing with heartbreak is tough, and sometimes, time doesn’t heal it all. The thing with a breakup is that you’ve got to put efforts into healing yourself. And no, getting intoxicated and drunk dialing your ex isn’t helpful. Neither is jumping into a relationship expecting them to *rescue* you. Let go of your past, before you invite someone new into your life.

3. You are emotionally unavailable.

You’re open to dating and physical intimacy, but the idea of a relationship leaves you quaking in your boots. And that’s fine. It’s probably because you’re not ready to emotionally invest yourself yet. A happy relationship requires being emotionally available. Wait it out! You’ll get there.

4. You’re in love with someone else.

So maybe it’s a case of unrequited love, or you’re still into your ex. Whatever the situation is, getting into a relationship with someone you aren’t in love with is a bad idea! Maybe it’s time to learn that finding a substitute is never a solution for love.

5. You don’t really know what you want from a relationship.

The thing about constantly getting into rebound relationships is that it keeps you from introspecting. This time, if you’re still clueless, think about what works for you and what doesn’t. Now don’t go settling for anything else.

6. You don’t have the time for a relationship.

Any relationship will require you to invest time in nurturing it. And maybe, you don’t have that kind of time, at this point. Hold back till you are in a better place?


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