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6 Signs It’s Time For You To Call It Quits And Move On

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One of the biggest mistakes people make in relationships, or rather, breakups, is that they either leave too soon, or stay too long. You leave too soon, and you’ll spend the rest of your life wondering if you could’ve done more. You stay too long, and you risk becoming too bitter and cynical or too broken to be able to move on! While the right time is something only YOU can decide, here are some signs that you may want to pay closer attention to.

1. You fight pretty much all the time, and neither of you wants to step back and change it.

Some amount of fighting is healthy and necessary in a relationship, but if fighting is all you’re doing, then that is a problem. But that’s not when you leave a relationship. Because if you’re fighting, then that means you’re still engaging with each other. The bigger problem is when neither of you is willing to step back, take stock of things and try to improve the situation. It’s becoming a lot about ego and neither of you will admit it.

2. You have grown to be different people

Especially if you started dating at a young age, it is possible that you have grown to be different people. You may still love each other and care about each other, but you are too different now to be a couple. It’s okay to let go.

3. There is communication breakdown

If you really really wanted to, would you be able to talk to each other, listen to each other and at least try to understand each other? Then, what’s stopping you? However, if you feel that you either go round and round in circles or just can’t get through to each other anymore, maybe it’s time to let go. If every conversation escalates to a fight or with one of you storming off, it’s time to take stock.

4. That loving feeling is gone, and you don’t miss it

That loving feel in a relationship ebbs and flows, but if it’s been gone for a while and you don’t really miss it all that much, then maybe it’s over.

5. You won’t regret ending this relationship

Consider this the litmus test. If you have reached a point where you can say with certainty that you will not regret walking out of this relationship, then don’t waste your and your partner’s time!

6. You have tried everything, and nothing seems to have worked

You’ve tried to sort it out by talking about, you’ve fought about it, you’ve stopped talking about it. If it feels like you have tried it all but nothing is working, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to break up. And by everything, we mean couple’s therapy as well.


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