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6 Sex Lessons We Should Have Totally Been Told About In School

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Education in our country is okay-ish. Sex education in our country is alarmingly bad. The knowledge given is rudimentary at best, any questions hushed and delivered in a manner, it makes watching paint dry seem infinitely more fun. The most that our high school biology books tell us about our sexuality is the functioning of internal organs. But, when it comes real life, those diagrams (when not skipped by the teacher), don’t prove to be of any help. I mean, you know what it looks like but no one knows what to do with it. Honestly, we wish school would also teach us a bit more about sex and sexuality. Things like…

You don’t have to ‘do it’ because you are of age. You may have blown the candles on your 18th birthday cake but that shouldn’t be the reason you jump into bed with anyone. You want to be emotionally and mentally ready first.

There is NOTHING WRONG WITH ENJOYING SEX. That’s what it’s meant for! Pleasure… and yes, it’s supposed to be pleasurable for women, too!

Your sexual life is not anyone else’s business. So who you sleep with, when and how many times, shouldn’t be their concern.

Consent over everything else! The only bad or immoral sex there is one without consent.

That it is possible to have no strings attached sex, and enjoy it, and not develop feelings for the other person. Sex and love don’t ALWAYS go together, and that’s fine.

It’s also okay to masturbate. It will not kill your libido. In fact, self pleasure will teach you about your body, and what you like and don’t like.







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