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5 Zodiac Signs That Make For Really Sensitive Boyfriends

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It’s really not too much to ask for a boyfriend who is sensitive to your needs. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a guy, who understands your needs, at least most of the times? Someone who can bring your rom com fantasy to life. When you’re on your period, they take extra care of you, and possibly get you chocolates. If you’ve had a bad day at work, they will hear you vent, and then crack a joke to make you feel better. In fact, I feel that love-making is especially hot with sensitive guys. Because they are so emotionally invested in it, and are really all about making you feel pampered. This guy sounds like a dream, honestly. And while not all men are like that, here are some zodiac signs which make for amazing, sensitive boyfriends. If you find one, hold on to him!


Guys born under this side will never leave you craving for affection. Sometimes, you will crave for space, though, but that’s rare. He will make you feel like the most important person in the world. When you meet, his eyes will be only on you. He will hold your hand, and kiss your cheeks in a way that will make you want to fling your bra at him! But here’s the thing, he gets hurt easily. So you will have to be careful with that. Else, he will withdraw his affection and go into his shell.


These guys are passionate and will pursue their girl of interest with a passion. They will appreciate your little achievements, keep you the top of their priority list and cancel their plans in a minute, for you! But these little crackpots have a funny bone and will most likely tease the fuck out of you. They are sensitive lovers but don’t expect them to romantically handover the last slice of pizza to you. If you’re fun and loyal, this one will build a paradise for you.


A guy born under this zodiac sign is not overtly emotional, but values emotions nonetheless. He will not dismiss your feelings or reduce it down to PMSing. But what really sets him apart is that when you need his love, he will give you that along with some really sane advice.


This guy here, redefines romance and chivalry. He treats his woman, with so much respect and care that even during a fight, you won’t hear anything rude from him. He cares for you, even when you’re being all mad at him. Librans will shower you with as much affection as you want and will never turn down your need for more love.

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This is the most selfless sign of the Zodiac. He wants to please you, before him – which is the best you can ask for, when it comes to sex! A Piscean cares for their partner more than they care for themselves. So you will find him making sacrifices to keep you happy. They are very intuitive and can read your feelings without you having to say anything. This right here is every woman’s dream guy!


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