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5 Zodiac Signs That Are The Most Difficult To Impress

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We’d all like to believe that we don’t fall easy. We’d like to think it takes a lot of effort to impress us. That we have standards. And yet, it is true only for some of us. Because otherwise, what we actually do is end up falling for him, just three dates down. Before you know it, you’re texting all day, and getting smitten by the witty banter he indulges you in. Soon, you’re head over heels, and he is well…not. Or he possibly turns out to be not as chivalrous as he pretended to be. Then, you’re left with the regret that you fell for him too soon. It’s okay, you learn from your mistakes. But some of us, on the other hand, are wiser when it comes to romances. They test the waters before setting sail. If you belong to one of these zodiac signs, you don’t get impressed that easy!


These peeps are emotional and will really appreciate a suitor who goes out of the way for them. Take their cat to the vet, be nice to their mom and get them their favourite dessert. They appreciate the little generous acts you do for them and it will make you feel you have them under your spell. Except not! Cancerians have these little “tests” they subject people to, and only once you prove your worth you will be allowed through. Even after you have impressed them, you can’t take them for granted. They are not easily impressed, but easily disappointed.


Every Leo lives with an imaginary crown on their heads. Even when you’re an intern who gets the shittiest tasks at work and there is a huge disparity between your lifestyle and actual bank balance, in your head, you are royalty. So what you seek is someone equally wild, sexy and enchanting. You will be impressed by someone who can keep you on your toes. Until then, you just hook up with less-worthy individuals, because sex is a must!


You have an innate inclination towards beauty and good aesthetics. What you seek is someone who carries themselves well, is elegant and fun at the same time. While romances are really important to you, committing to someone will require a lot more than good conversations and a pretty face. You will only put effort if you find them inspiring, and wanting the same things from life as you.


Nobody really knows what goes in their heads, but they are slow AF, when it comes to actually letting their feelings out. They believe in head over heart, and will practically break down their potential partners’ actions. Most people opt out because of the time taken, the one who really makes it, is the person who waited. Then, what you have is a partner who will be loyal, supportive and a good listener.

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People born under this sign aren’t impressed by just lovey-dovey lines or heavy flirting. They aren’t even impressed by looks alone. You have to connect with them mentally and seem to be on par with them socially. It may sound superficial but they will never opt for someone who cannot give them the lifestyle they want.

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