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5 Zodiac Signs That Are The Best At Flirting

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When you’re part of the dating pool that’s brimming with skilled flirts, it’s very important to up your flirting game too. Dating is clearly not as easy as it used to be. On dating apps, you get a ten-second glance before someone decides whether you’re worthy of being included in their assortment of matches. And then if you make it, you will be judged on your opening line. That’s a lot of pressure there. While some of us have nothing to worry about because we have our flirting game sorted, some of us struggle to even make eye contact with someone we find cute at a party. Now we’d think the zodiac sign we are born under has nothing to do with our flirting skills (or lack of). But apparently, some zodiac signs are kinda, born with it!

A Libran will be able to sweep you off your feet with the first 10 words they utter; a Cancerian, on the other hand, won’t be able to flirt to save their lives. If you belong to one of the following zodiac signs, congratulations, you’re an amazing flirt. For the rest of us, better luck next time.

Libra good at flirting

  1. Libra

If you meet someone who has the most perfect words to say to you and whose touch makes you  jump , they are probably a Libran. These people thrive on romance, and if they find you worthy of being flirted with (they have standards!), they will leave no stone unturned to woo you. A Libran will never have a foot-in-mouth moment, because words just seem to flow like romantic poetry from them. They will make you laugh and you will feel special. When a Libran decides to flirt with you, there’s hardly a chance that you won’t fall for it.

Leo Good at flirting

  1. Leo

There’s something very enigmatic about Leos. Is it the pride in their strut? Or the way they can shower you with compliments? When a Leo wants to flirt with someone, they will take the centre stage and let you get impressed with their performance. They will invite you over for a house party, play a tune for you, and let everyone know that you are the centre of their attention.

Gemini Good At Flirting

  1. Gemini

Geminis are known to be very social, witty and vivacious. When you’re at a party, and someone approaches you, striking a funny conversation, chances are this person is a Gemini. They have a very straight-forward way of flirting and will not shy away from telling a cutie that they find them attractive. They have a way with words, and can intrigue you with a charming conversation you hope won’t end.

Aries Good At Flirting

  1. Aries

A person born under this zodiac sign will inevitably be a bold, go-getter. They don’t believe in simply thinking about their desires. When they want something or someone, they go after it, unabashedly. When they come down to flirting, we can expect it to be a fun experience for both. They like to keep it light and yet be able to make the temperature soar with their naughty jokes. If there’s a zodiac sign that can create mind-numbing sexual tension just with words, it’s got to be Aries. Expect the hottie to be hooked to them on the first date itself!

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Scorpio Good At Flirting

  1. Scorpio

Scorpios have this intense aura of mystery that makes it so easy for them to attract the object of their desire. They are the not the type of flirts who will give out their best game right at the start. They hold their cards close. Instead, they will keep you captivated by being mysterious and unpredictable in their ways. In fact, Scorpios are known to be sensuous in their flirting, and it takes them no time to get the cutie aroused and wanting more.


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