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5 Ways To Stop Yourself From Falling In Love Too Quickly

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Dating isn’t quite what it used to be. It’s not like two people who like each other will necessarily get into a relationship. He could be looking for a friends with benefits kind of setup. Or maybe he wants to just get into a situationship (relationship but not quite) with you. So falling in love with every (or almost every) guy you meet can definitely pose a problem.

Of course, the guy in questions could fall for you too and want to get into a relationship as much as you do. Point is, falling for someone without completely understanding them can lead to a heartbreak, unless of course, you get lucky. But if you don’t want to put your feelings at risk, you must learn to take it slow. Sounds difficult? Especially when your heart starts to flutter at the mere sight of them! Here are 5 smart ways you can avoid falling for a guy too fast!

1. Don’t see him too often

Of course, it’s difficult to say no when he is that cute, but you’ve got to fight that urge. Go out with your BFFs, keep busy and just limit your meetings with him to once a week, at the most. When you meet someone very often, you can get attached too quickly. So wait it out!

2. Meet him sober

You know when you get drunk, you suddenly feel this love for the entire universe, and possibly end up being too generous! The next day, your bank balance stands as proof of your drunkenness when you decided to buy a round of drinks for all your friends. The same with love. When you are high, you end up feeling all loved up. So meet them sober, if you want to really gauge whether you enjoy their company for real. At the end of it, you shouldn’t be left thinking it wasn’t the love, just the vodka!

3. Master your emotions

They say, love just happens out of the blue, when you’re least expecting it. Sure, that can be true but you know, accidents happen in the same manner! And you don’t want to land up in a love mishap. Which is why you should master your emotions and not let them flow freely. In the initial phase, you must be level-headed and try to understand your compatibility and whether you’re on the same page. Only then should you let your heart take over!

4. Invest in yourself

Instead of investing all your energy in a guy, do things to build yourself up. The more you focus on yourself, the more self-love you will generate. And that will only attract positivity into your life. You won’t sell yourself short or too fast!

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5. Avoid overthinking

When you have a new guy in your life, it’s very normal to daydream. One thought leads to another and suddenly you find yourself having babies with him in your lightning fast imagination. Stop getting caught in your own work of fiction. Instead of dreaming, wake up and live in the reality. Else, you will just fall in love with the idea of him, and not really him.


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