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5 Ways To Plan The Perfect Proposal To Make Him Say ‘Yes’!

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There was a time when you had to wait for the boy to propose. It involved dropping a lot of hints about commitment, like having conversations about other people’s proposals. And if he missed that, then gently pointing out rings you would like. And when all else failed, dancing in front of his with a face with a placard that has the words, ‘Propose to me’ in bold.

But things are changing and it’s time that women take the lead. And if it’s a proposal you want, you can make it happen and do it in style.  And while there may be no wrong way to ask this question, you can make sure that things go as smoothly as possible! Here are 5 things to keep in mind to plan the perfect proposal and get him say ‘Yes’!



1. Add a personal touch

This moment will be remembered as the beginning of a new life for the two of you. So, make sure to make it sentimental and pick a place that has some personal meaning to you both.


2. Plan everything to the T

While spontaneous is good, it’s better to rehearse the flow of things if not your proposal speech. Best to actually decide everything in advance from the timing, to the song to the cues. This could also sail you through moments where you get particularly emotional and can’t say anything right.


3. Pick the ring

It’s not a real proposal if you don’t put a ring on it. So, put some good thought into what your partner would like, and get the main prop ready for the final reveal.


4. Public/Private affair

Of course you’d want to share such happy news with the family and friends as soon as it happens.  But you will want to consider if you want to enjoy this moment with just the both of you or if he will like it better if everyone he loves is right there!


5. Capture it

Inviting a photographer to secretly capture the moments leading up to the proposal and finally the entire proposal, could be the most thoughtful things to do. This way, everything is right there to relive. It’s a beautiful and will probably make for a frame you want to keep on your mantle.


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