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5 Ways This No-Sex Lockdown Period Can Actually Help Your Relationship

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I have been watching Too Hot To Handle on Netflix and it’s basically about a bunch of hot and horny youngsters thrown in a paradise-like villa together. They have to form a romantic connection but here’s the catch – they can’t kiss or have sex. All this abstinence will win them a genuine connection and around $100,000. Yup, no one’s paying us to not have sex. So the contestants who were once just all hormones and pheromones are now learning to open their hearts and not be afraid of commitment.

Well, I think we’ll be able to relate in a way that we too are forced to abstain from all physical activity courtesy of lockdown and coronavirus. Yes, we don’t have those luxuries and this will not lead to a financial gain. But it will definitely help your relationship. Here’s how.

1) You will find more meaningful ways to connect

When there’s sex in the picture, right from the start, everything else tends to become blurry. Most of your dates involve grabbing a drink and mandatorily making out. But now, you can connect over games and conversations. You can even get creative and watch a movie together on Netflix Party.

2) You’ll know if it’s sustainable

Sometimes, we mistake really good sex for love. And you know when you’re sexed up, you feel so happy that you tend to overlook all the other things. Like oh, he seems to have a gambling problem, but the way he kisses is perfect. Anyway, you’ll see if the attraction fizzles out without any physical stimulation.

3) Sex is easy but now you’ll be developing your emotional bond

Sexual connection is way easier to form than an emotional one. In fact, sometimes it ends up remaining sexual. But this is the time when you can really focus on your emotional bond. Get to know each other more deeply. Talk heart-to-heart; there’s plenty of time.

4) It will sober down the excess passion

You know when a relationship starts, you just can’t keep your hands off each other. Like the temptation is so much that you often find yourself getting carried away. This time will help that honeymoon-horniness settle down and direct some of that passion towards something more fruitful.

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5) You will be able to work on exploring your own body and desires

Well, you kinda have no choice. But since you will be doing you, there’s so much time to explore and learn. You can touch yourselves in different variations and see what works better. Explore your desires, fantasies, and upgrade your knowledge about your erogenous zones. When this gets over, you’ll walk out of the lockdown a much more sexually empowered person.

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