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5 Ways PCOD Affects Your Sex Life And What You Can Do About It

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If you’re a girl with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), you’re already struggling with the several ways it affects your daily life. In PCOD, your hormonal balance is disturbed, which leads to a wide range of issues like acne, weight gain and fertility problems. Your gynecologist has already advised you to give up on unhealthy food, so basically your primary source of happiness. Add to it the pressure to exercise and lose weight, and you are already stressing out. But hey, reducing stress is also advised. While you fumble from the new lifestyle changes that are pulling you back, your time between the sheets gets affected too. Here are several ways PCOD affects your sex life…and how to deal with it.

Your sex drive is either super high or super low

Since your hormones are wreaking havoc and going all cray cray, your sex drive oscillates between wanting to go at it like a bunny or swearing to celibacy. If your testosterone levels are low and sex hormone binding globulin levels (SHBG) high then your libido will be low and vice versa. Either ways, mismatched libidos cannot be good for couples. Establish good communication with your partner, letting him know how you feel and you’ll be able to find a middle ground.

You may become conscious of your body

Women who have PCOD witness unwanted hair growth on their chin, chest and back. On the other hand, your ponytail gets thinner as you experience hair fall. Add to that sudden acne and weight gain, and you have the perfect cocktail that threatens to kill your self-esteem.  This can be a mood-killer which might hamper your desire to have sex or enjoy it fully. However, remember that nobody is perfect and he finds you sexy with all your imperfections!


You will be stressed about pregnancy

With PCOD, your ovulation goes for a toss, making it very difficult to predict the most fertile days of your cycle. Which means, pregnancy—whether you want it or are avoiding it—can get difficult. You can always seek guidance and medications from your ob-gyn on ovulation so you can plan your sex life better.


Your period can come as a surprise and ruin date night

Speaking of planning your sex life, ha ha, Aunt Flo loves giving surprises to PCOD girls. Since your periods are irregular, planning a sex night is almost never possible. Since you can’t ask the guy on the third date if he is okay with period sex, you are almost always stressed about how you are going to have to end a fun date with a kiss at the doorstep.

You may not feel like having sex when on pills

And then to fix your irregular period, more often than not, your ob-gyn will put you on contraceptives. Superficially, it seems like a blessing in disguise. Your chums get regular, you don’t have to worry about pregnancy, and can plan sexy time. Except! Except several women have reported a decrease in their libido when on birth control pills. That is because these pills lower the testosterone in your body, which is kinda responsible for your libido. In that case, you can ask your gynecologist for a libido-friendly contraceptive pill!


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