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5 Types Of Men You Don’t Need To Waste Your Time On

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Let’s get one thing clear. We don’t have time to waste. Not on dead-end jobs, or toxic friendships. And certainly, not on men who don’t respect our time, or us. We have things to do, and frankly, even if you just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day, that’s how YOU choose to spend your time. Do whatever you please, but don’t waste your time on these 5 types of men, because you’re not going to get it back!


1.  He who blows hot-cold

It’s easy to fall for the trap of “Oh, but when he’s there, he’s THERE.” Sure, but what about all those times you need him around, and he magically vanishes? Or even that guy who is physically present all the time, but goes back and forth between being loving, and downright dismissive and hurtful? FYI, that’s how abusive people keep you trapped. The niceness is a bait.


2. He who has a girlfriend / wife

Sorry to break your bubble, but if the guy is in a committed relationship of any form, you are just his plaything. He is not going to leave his main squeeze. Even if he does, ask yourself what would keep him from doing the same to you? You’re better off alone than being the other woman.


3. He who calls you only after hours

We have a word for that guy who calls only AFTER he’s had a few drinks with his friends, AFTER he’s had dinner with his folks, AFTER the world has gone to sleep – F***BOI. Yes, it’s a booty call, and no more. But, how about calling you at a respectful hour that works for both of you, and not 3 am? How about maybe going out for an evening of dancing or a few casual NSA drinks, like adults do, and not treat the sex like it’s something dirty? There are good f***bois, and bad ones, and the one who only wants to hang out with you in the sack, is the latter.


4. He who is only words, no action

He says all the right things, maybe even tells you he loves you, and would do anything to make you happy. But, when it comes to the doing, he is suddenly too busy, or you are too demanding. Don’t let his sweet nothings lure you. Actions DO speak louder than words!

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5. He who never takes initiative

Are you ALWAYS the one calling, or making plans, while he basks in his complacency? Hold him accountable for it, and if he doesn’t step up, swallow your pride, and walk away. He’s not that into you.


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