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5 Types Of Dudes You Meet At Parties And Which One You Should Exchange Numbers With

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I have grown up bingeing on Hollywood rom coms, so I have had pretty high expectations about the way you meet a cutie for the first time. Except, when back home I actually got around to mixing with people, I realised that Indian men have no game. Firstly, a lot of them do not have the guts to speak to you and secondly, even if they do talk to you, they say things that are not even remotely attractive. Now I am not talking about those handful gems that are smooth as an aged scotch. These are the cheap wine of the dating pool that you can go to, when there’s a dearth of options. I don’t blame these men, because our society comes pre-equipped with conditions that are definitely not conducive to the mixing of sexes. But they gotta learn! Anyhoo, if you enjoy partying, you’ll agree that there are several guys who probably eye you and some that you eye yourself. Where else can you organically meet people, right? A party is like an unsaid event that allows you to find yourself a suitor, or at least you hope to. So until you find your gem, let’s just take a look at the type of guys you usually meet at these parties.

1) The one who makes forceful convos

You’re nicely chilling with your friend sipping on some margaritas, and then a guy approaches you. And you think to yourself there’s nothing wrong with having a conversation except you don’t know your ears are about to bleed. His words are dull and you try to excuse yourself from the whole discussion, but no matter what, he is still there and still talking. Chipku of the highest order!

2) The shy guy who makes eye contact but doesn’t speak

I am the kind who usually would not go for the life of the party. I find the guy who likes keeping it a bit low and yet seems fun, because then I can relate to him. But sometimes, this shy guy turns out to be so shy, that he will look at you but shiver if you’re in his vicinity. At this point, you’re wondering if all that eye-contact was all in your head.

3) The fun dude who is surprisingly not creepy

Then there is this guy who is so humorous and good to talk to. He is friendly and is making everyone feel comfortable. It’s just easy to talk to him and you wouldn’t even mind exchanging numbers with him. So you end up staying in touch but at this point you don’t know if he was just networking or he is really interested in you. Well, he is probably playing it safe. This is the type of guy you should keep an eye out for! If nothing, you can at least be good acquaintances! Share your number with this dude. Plaster it all over the walls – okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic but you get the drift. This is your money shot.

4) The hot guy you don’t have the guts to talk to

You enter the party and in your line of vision is a Greek God who has sent your hormones into a fine frenzy at first sight. Your focus is on him and there he is, smiling like an angel. So your friends ask you to talk to him, but you start acting like a teenager! You can’t…just can’t. At least not without embarrassing yourself.

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5) The drunk creep

At every party, there’s at least one guy who has no control over his alcohol consumption. Being drunk is okay, as long as you’re entertaining. But this guy has no sense of personal space and is standing so close to you, if you lift your knee it can hit his balls. And that is a very tempting thought at this point!

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