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5 Tips To Stop The “Beta, Shaadi Kar Lo” Brigade!

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In our country, shaadi is the ultimate mark of having arrived. Forget your awesome job, that kickass promotion, that project you’re working on, that funding you got… forget your great social circle, all the places you’ve travelled to, and all the books you’ve read. Unless you are married, you are unsuccessful in life. That’s what the beta, shaadi kar lo brigade believes – those well-meaning aunties and uncles and older cousins, and worst of all, your parents! Here are 5 tips to put a stop to this shaadi nonsense:

1. Don’t get into an intellectual debate with them about the relevance of marriage

Telling them why the institution of marriage is no longer relevant is futile because they will hit you with a rebuttal you won’t be able to counter: “jab humari umar ke hoge tab pataa chalega.” So, don’t bother with this.

2. Tell them you would, but your work keeps you too busy

Tell them you don’t even find time for yourself, let alone a husband or a wife. Now, isn’t it unfair to commit to someone if you are so busy with work?

3. Deflect the conversation to something awesome you recently did

Nod along, and then, change the topic. Talk about that vacation you took, or that book you read, that amazing film you saw, or that music festival you just came back from. Gently let them know that you’re living it up and you don’t have the time to think about getting married.

4. Have a sense of humour about it

If you’re one with witty remarks in your pocket, then take them down with your sense of humour. Next time someone asks you, ‘Beta, shaadi kab karoge?’ tell them, ‘I have asked 6-7 boys. Jaise hi koi ek haan bolega, kar loongi shaadi.’

5. When all else fails, stand your ground

Tell them you are not interested in marriage, or this conversation, and excuse yourself.


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