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5 Times When Sex Can Definitely Make Things Better For You And Your Relationship

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Sex can solve your troubles or add to it. However, it’s quite rare for sex to not stir things in your life. But that’s the beauty of it. While they may say sex can mess with your head and often complicate things, I feel if you have your expectations straight, it can be pretty much the solution to a lot of things. Having an orgasm releases several hormones in you that do nothing but good.

So maybe sex is the solution but to which problems? Of course, if moving on from someone is your problem then that is not what’s gonna help. So here you go. 5 problems that can be resolved with a little coitus!

1) You had a fight with bae

Sometimes, fights drag on even after you’ve had a talk and officially solved the issue. You still feel resentment and hurt and pent up emotions. You want to move past it but something’s holding you back. Do you know what can help? A nice, romantic, and super passionate session of love-making? Post that, you will be cuddling in his arms and won’t even remember what the fight was about.

2) Things are getting monotonous

When we are in a long term relationship we tend to get too comfortable. And by that I mean we don’t mind going to our dates in sweatpants and to a cheap bar. You know what they like, what they don’t like. You even know each other’s signature orders at your signature joint. Shake things up by trying something new between the sheets. Break the monotony; go for a sex position you never tried before. You gotta keep putting effort to spice things up and what’s spicier than sex?

3) You’ve been feeling stressed

A little sexual healing can give you the fuel you need to function for a long time. Whether you’re worried about a project, your next month’s rent, or have been feeling sad, a little sexy time can totally cheer you up. Sex is known to relieve stress and fill you up with happy hormones. It’s all science! In fact, even if you are feeling low on energy, after sex you’ll feel like you have spring in your step!

4) You will be apart for a while

One of you is going away and you need a little something to think about. You know you will miss him so much so how about just take one for the road? Make love so passionate that you smile thinking about it all through the days you’ll be apart. And then when you meet again, have another round!

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5) You’re feeling low on confidence

Had a bad haircut? Consumed too much filtered, photoshopped Instagram content? A good way to pep yourself up and feel good again goes through shedding it all. When someone makes love to you, it makes you feel adored. Your body needs that lovin’ to get an extra dose of that much-needed confidence.

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