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5 Things Your Utterly Cute Grandparents Say To Annoy You Every Time They Are Over!

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So, one of the few things that you never really come around to learn if you’ve grown up in a nuclear family is how to compromise on your personal space and how to deal with relatives. I have always lived with my parents in a home that had just us and that for me has always meant a lot of freedom and a shorter chain of authority to run by while growing up. Except the times for when my grandparents would come over and the dynamics of the family would change instantly. Like what is going to happen now, as my grandparents have decided to stay with us for a month during this un-lockdown 1.0

You see, like any other grandkid, I too have been pampered till I was fat by my grandparents. From buying me a doll house to a cycle, they’ve always given in to to my childish requirements and now even when I am a big woman, they continue to pander to my desires but it’s more emotionally than buying me a toy now. But truth be told, as cute and precious as I find them, I would be lying if I didn’t say that with all that there is to cherish about them, comes a lot more that sometimes makes me cringe.

It is true that grandparents can be quite a handful when they’re over, especially during a state of lockdown when you’re home and in constant contact all day long. And so, here are 5 things that we recall as among the most annoying things that your grandparents often ask you!

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“What do you do for a living?”

Now, if only I would get a rupee for each time I explained to them what my job profile is, I would be able to afford a lot more than cheap wine in this lockdown. Yes, with age our grandpa and grandmoms tend to become forgetful of what we’re doing in life, but if they can still recall the name of their uncle’s son’s wife’s daughter-in-law’s name in less than a minute, you’d believe they are capable of remembering you are a writer.

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“Don’t you eat enough?”

Grand parents do not care if we are sitting at our goal weight or are twice over the recommended weight, for them we will still be frail, weak and on a diet. As if it wasn’t enough to be fed every two hours of a day by my over-enthusiastic parents in the lockdown, that now I would have two more veteran players, breathing down my neck, desi ghee in hand, asking me what I ate and already preparing to feed me more!

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“When do you plan on getting married?”

This has to be my grandparent’s most favourite and my least favourite question, everytime we meet. In their defense, they want to make sure I don’t stay as single as I have been all my life, and in my defense I have more important things to do, like live a wholesome life. But regardless of that, they’ve taken it upon themselves to always ask me this, especially in front of my parents, while making eyes at them also for not even considering such an important thing.

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“Who’re you talking to?”

It’s like living in a house with a spy, for they aren’t just clever about sneaking up on you while you’re whispering on the phone in a corner with someone who could be their future grandson-in-law, but also they know just how to intimidate you in front of them. Guess we know where our parents get it from!

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,”Where is the sugar?”

Probably the only time when you get to have an upper hand on your grand parents. With age, as their health becomes weaker, their puppy-face game for emotional blackmail becomes stronger, for despite being put off sugar they will come with everything they have looking for those hidden sugar cubes and mithai! And they stare at you with those cutesy eyes and mischievous smile there is only so much you can say before giving in!

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