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5 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Having Sex For The First Time

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First time sex is always memorable. It may not be like how they portray it in the movies or books, but it will be something you will remember. If perfection is what you’re aiming for, you’re going to be disappointed. Because this is real life and no matter  how much perfection you aim for, reality is probably going to interfere. If it’s your first time and you’ve got the butterflies or just want to make it more systematic (because why not), here are some things you should completely avoid.  In fact, you want to steer clear of these things the first few times.

Don’t be afraid

You’ve heard a lot about the pain when you have sex for the first time, and that’s making you nervous. You are making it worse by thinking about the pain. For starters,  it may (or may not) hurt the first few times, but being nervous about will make the sex even more difficult. When your mind is not prepared for it, your vagina can suddenly tighten up during intercourse making the whole act rather difficult. So relax, calm down and focus on feeling that love instead.


Don’t squeeze your pelvic muscles

When you’re having sex for the first time, you tend to squeeze your pelvic muscles, as a reflex action. It’s almost like you’re closing your vagina down. And we know when that happens, sex can hurt! Breathe, allow yourself to relax and you’ll feel it glide right in.

Don’t go too fast and wait until you’re wet enough

Okay, we get it. The first few times intercourse can be awkward, weird and not as much fun, but don’t worry. Virgin or not, without enough lubrication, penetration can be difficult. So take your time with the foreplay. Be confident and communicate with your partner about things that really turn you on. Only once you’re wet enough, give him the green signal!

Don’t do it without protection

At the risk of sounding cliché, never ever have sex without protection. It may be his first time too, and you may know that there isn’t any chance of catching an STD but don’t take chances. With so many things playing on your mind, you don’t want the added worry of protection.

Don’t try difficult positions

So you have heard from your friends how doggy style is like such a pleasurable position. It probably is and you will have plenty of time later to try it out. Stick to the basic missionary for at least the first few times before you begin experimenting with other positions. Because honestly, even the best of us find these positions just a tad easier than the Olympics.

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