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5 Things You Should Start Doing Now If You Are Tying The Knot Soon!

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Every real desi’s favourite season is coming up soon, and nope, I’m not talking about winter. I’m talking about the shaadi season! The wedding season is a real phenomenon in our country, created by the pandits who sell auspicious dates to prospective brides and grooms and the sponsors of the event, the parents. The temperature starts dipping, and the price of everything you need for that instal-perfect wedding starts soaring! If you’re getting hitched this wedding season, be a smart bride, not a lazy one, and get started on these things already. Better early than sorry!

1. Looking for that perfect lehenga

Of course, you can find a great outfit in a couple of weeks. You’ve done your research, and know where to go. But, things happen, and sometimes, the best laid plans fall apart. Don’t leave the most important thing to last minute, and start picking your brains over what you want to be wearing when you make that epic entrance.


2. In fact, all of wedding shopping

Two months are enough to put a wedding together. In fact, you can put together a wedding in a week. So, if your big day is in November, why start stressing now? See, if you finish all your shopping now, then you can spend the last couple of months just chilling, and be a cool bride, instead of bridezilla. You see, we do have a point. 

3. Speaking of preps, line up the photographer, mehendi wala and other vendors while you’re at it

This is how smart people do it, because the closer you are to the wedding season, the lower the likelihood of you getting the vendor of your liking. So lock these people in so everyone isn’t hyperventilating at the last minute!


4. Exercising

Recently, I came across a 3-month weight loss program designed especially for brides which promised perfect abs to rock that lehenga choli. All I could think of was just how silly the idea was! Firstly, it’s an unhealthy way to lose weight. Secondly, you will gain all that weight the moment you get off the program. Third… there’s no third. Get working out now if you want to be a fit bride.

5. Eating healthy

You know that special glow that all these beauty treatments offer to soon-to-be brides for exorbitant prices? You can get that glow if you just start eating healthy. Now, and forever!


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