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5 Things That Will Actually Happen On Your Suhaag Raat. Don’t Buy What Bollywood Tells You.

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For years, couples have had a typical notion of their suhaag raat or the first night as husband and wife set in their heads. And the Bollywood movies have done no good to that stereotypical mindset either. Only reinforced it, rather. Sorry to burst that bubble but, no, most couples don’t have sex on the first night. Most couples don’t look all sexy and feel all energetic. In fact, I feel a lot of people feel both excited and nervous about it ahead of their wedding. And if you are or know someone getting married, this article will make you feel calm and help you understand that there’s really nothing to worry about what happen. Here are 5 things that actually happen on your suhaag raat and that’s just perfect how it is.

  • You spend a huge amount of time getting out of your bridal clothes and makeup

Really, nobody sits in her bridal outfit with a ghoonghat holding thy breath anymore. You’ve spent so much time in those heavy outfits that you can’t wait to take it all off. But it’s not like you can just get out of all that in one quick motion. You will spend so much time taking out your jewellery, one by one. And then sit in front of the mirror with a whole box of cotton pads and makeup remover. I say, ask bae to help you and bond over it!

  • The iconic glass of milk is out of the picture

The suhaag raat scenes we watched in Bollywood movies have ruined it for us. But hey, in real life modern brides don’t walk in with a glass of milk. We walk in with a bottle of wine because we just dealt with a hell lot of chaos and we probably need a drink or two!

  • Most couples are too tired or too awkward to have sex

After spending hours forcing yourself to smile at people you’ve barely met in your life, it’s safe to say you’ll pretty much be out of any energy to have sex. If you do have sex though, I would really bow down to you because your stamina is fucking awesome! But how many couples whose is an arranged marriage actually have sex on the first night? Very few!

  • No fancy lingerie, you’ll just be happy to change into your PJs

My best friend bought a fancy set of lingerie for her first night. Okay so this was supposed to be confidential but you know how besties are. She told me how her husband reacted to it, and it wasn’t sexy! He found it hilarious because he finds her sexy even in her PJs! But honestly, if I were her, I would save it for my second night because I really can’t dress up even for bed after being so decked up all day. Cut the bride some slack yo!

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  • You’re happier to finally spend some alone time with your husband

It’s not so much about sex as it is about spending time with your hubby. You’ll probably just be sitting by the window, sipping wine and laughing about how that uncle was dancing crazily at the wedding. And how bad your friends’ performances were! All this, before cuddling off to sleep. And even though you didn’t have sex on your suhaag raat, you bonded and it will always be special.

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