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5 Things About Shower Sex That’ll Shock You!

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While sex is fun by itself, doing the same things over and over again can get monotonous. It’s like having the same meal for the rest of your life. Every now and then, we must let our fantasies take over. And one thing that has entered our collective imagination, courtesy the several rom-coms and books we’ve indulged in is, shower sex!

It’s wet, steamy and really sexy, at least that’s what the movies will have you believe. We convince ourselves that maybe if we follow the guidelines well, we can have the sex we always fantasised about. We too are shower sex hopefuls, which is why we decided to get to the root of it. Here’s everything they don’t tell you about shower sex. Besides the obvious, that is.

You will need a lubricant

Wait, what? This seems counter-intuitive. You are wet (from the shower), you are wet (from the foreplay), why do you need lubricant? Because while water may be a natural lubricant otherwise, it can actually end up drying your vagina. All that foreplay will go down the drain if you aren’t wet enough! We’ll wait for your to appreciate this bathroom pun.

Condoms are useless in water

Look, being in the shower doesn’t mean you won’t get pregnant. If you’re planning to go at it under the shower, he will have to pull it out on time. If you can’t rely on him to do that, then we’d say, it’s not worth risking getting pregnant or catching a STD. Also, you may want to pop a birth control pill later.

To shower or not to shower

A lot of us wonder whether we’re actually supposed to shower or not. And by shower, I mean like bathing for real. Do you shampoo each other’s hair or scrub each other’s back? Do you wash yourself with a loofah while suggestively staring into his eyes? Honestly, it really depends on your comfort level and whether you actually wish to have a bath. Otherwise, it’s okay to just get under running water and make the hell out, without soap making the sex even more…slippery! Whatever floats your boat!

The space limitation

Let’s be honest, most of us have really tiny bathrooms. And not everyone will have showers. We can’t confirm but bucket sex doesn’t have the same ring to it. So, you’ve to work with what you have. It’s gross, doing it on the floor. This makes standing positions the most obvious choice. He can stand behind you, facing the same direction as you. Place your hand on the wall for support so you can withstand all that passionate thrusting without slipping! You can also try having sex facing each other. However, if the height difference is considerable, he will have to lift you, which we don’t think is a good idea. Feet on the floor at all times! (Great, now we sound like an amusement park ride)

It’s okay to leave the intercourse bit for the bedroom

We’d suggest let’s cut ourselves some slack and stick to foreplay in the shower. Getting an STD or an unplanned baby isn’t sexy when you have to deal with it. Instead, indulge away in oral sex. (We did an article on how to give him the best oral sex here!) This will be the best prelude to sex, with your passion on an all-time high. When you both are fully aroused and ready for action, hit the bed, let him wear a condom and get going! This is safe sex, by all means!


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