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5 Things About Sexual Health Every Woman Should Know

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From periods to pleasure, anything to do with female sexuality is  taboo. We may well be in the thick of a sexual revolution with more women now than ever before having sex and enjoying, not hiding their tampons from their male colleagues, and seeking orgasms as fervently as they seek love, yet we haven’t quite lifted the veil of shame. One of the consequences is that we – even adult, sexually active women who are all for safe sex – don’t know enough about sexual health. Here are 5 things you must know if you have a diamond between your thighs.


1. iPill is not candy!

When the emergency contraceptive was first released, and made available OTC, many women let out sighs of relief. But, the lack of education around it has led too many of us to abuse the pill, and end up with health issues that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. Condoms are the safest best, as far as the women’s health is concerned. But, if you must take the glove off, consult a gynaecologist and get on prescribed oral contraceptives.

2. If you are sexually active, you should regularly get PAP Smears

HPV is an extremely common virus, and most sexually active men and women have it. In most cases, it doesn’t show symptoms until it blows up in a severe disease (it is linked to cervical cancer in women). The best thing you can do for your body is to get regular check-ups so that it can be caught early, and treated.


3. Period pain is not supposed to be crippling

In the process of normalising menstruation and pre-menstrual bloating, we haven’t done enough to talk about the fact that while sometimes mildly uncomfortable, and almost always gravely annoying, periods are not supposed to be crippling. If you find yourself doubled over in a foetal position, unable to go through your daily activities, consult a gynaecologist!

4. Many STIs don’t show symptoms

This is true for both men and women. While yes, condoms do offer protection, we all know it is not 100%. Plus, you can get an STD from going down on someone, and honestly, how many of us use a condom when we give head?


5. Sex is not supposed to hurt

Only the first time, and only in the form of a pinch that becomes neutral, if not pleasurable, soon enough. It is surprising how many women put up with painful sex because they don’t know it’s not supposed to be this way, or are ashamed of their body. Nope. Don’t be that woman. Sexual pleasure, not only absolutely normal, is also your birth right!


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