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5 Surprising Ways You Can Improve Your Sexual Chemistry With Bae

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The way he looks at you makes you want to curl into a mush ball! His kisses transport you from reality to la la land and there’s no way the chemistry is dying anytime soon. Make-out sessions with bae leave you with a thousand butterflies in your tummy and you have absolutely no complaints. Or maybe you do. Maybe you’re an ambitious lover and you want more. There’s nothing wrong with that. Either way, no harm in getting that chemistry to shoot through the roof.

No, we’re not going to give you tips that involve BDSM and looking like a porn star. At least not in this article. Here, we present to you 5 surprising and adorable ways that can help you enhance your sexual chemistry with bae!

1. Spend time away

According to experts, a couple that spends time apart pursuing their own individual passions, land up spending more meaningful time together. Also all that longing for each other definitely reflects in the next time you have sex. The wait is always worth it!

2. Plan sexy time

While Chinese big-shot Jack Ma suggests couples have sex six times a week, it isn’t always possible, given the long work hours we have. Which is why scheduling sex can help you not miss out on your weekly orgasms! Also, when you know what awaits you, the anticipation can build the heat up. Bonus points if you can prep yourself in advance to feel sexier!

3. Re-create your first meeting

If you were attracted to each other in the first meeting itself, it definitely remains special to you. In that moment, since you were both oblivious to each other’s flaws, you could only see the best in him. Why not re-create the whole meeting (meaningful role play!), but this time with a lot less shyness and a lot more sexual chemistry!

4. Talk Dirty

No, we aren’t saying you should sound like an adult hotline operator, but you can always tease him in subtle ways. Some clever puns will make it difficult for him to wait. By the end of the sexy talk, you both will be craving to get it on!

5. Indulge in PDA

You don’t have to play full-on tonsil tennis, just a little snuggling is what will add to the sexual tension between you. (If you can actually keep things from progressing, then you might want to question if there’s any sexual chemistry at all.) Steal kisses when nobody’s looking. Caress his thighs from under the table. And when you finally get to bed, nobody will be sleeping!


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