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5 Stereotypes About The “Monster” M.I.L. We Need To Trash!

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While mothers-in-law seem to be universally disliked, the desi M.I.L., a.k.a. sasu ma, has a particularly bad rep. Treated as the one who is unwilling to let go of her mama’s boy, she is dreaded as the destroyer of marriages, an interfering force one must devise ways to avoid  at all costs! But, times are changing, and so is the Indian family. Where there are still many controlling MILs out there, let’s not navigate in the world with the assumption that ALL of them are monsters waiting to unleash their opinions on you! Here are 5 stereotypes we need to trash!

That every sasu ma wants a sanskaari bahu
No, actually. Most mothers want what makes their son happy. Parents may be uncomfortable about decisions their children make if they seem too novel to them, but most parents pander because they just want their kids to be happy!

That she just wants someone to take care of the house!
Yes, there are women who shame younger, independent women because they can’t cope with the fact that our generation has more freedom than they thought possible. And yes, there are women who do all that they can to ensure that our generation of women don’t have to go through he same challenges they did.

That you can can never get along!
No, she will never be like your own mother, and you will never be like her own daughter. But, you can have a respectful relationship, as two adult women.


That she only wants babies from you 
While your in-laws may want to become grandparents, giving them a progeny is no longer the make-or-break of your family life, or the reason you are married. In fact, increasingly MILs are encouraging their sons and daughters-in-laws to take their time with such life-changing decisions.

That your MIL is not supportive of your career
You know the grandparents who are more than happy to babysit while mummy and daddy go to work? Yes, they exist in large numbers. They support your ambitions by taking care of your child like their own… what’s a greater gesture than this?   


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