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5 Signs You’re Obsessing Too Much Over Your Breakup. It’s Stopping You From Moving On

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We’ve all had heartbreaks . Okay, wait, most of us have had heartbreaks. And despite feeling bad, deep down we know each one is not of the same intensity. While we snap out of some effortlessly (so quickly, we wonder if we were ever in love) some seem like a never-ending saga. These are the breakups that hurt the most. You feel lost and you feel changed. Zedd has been replaced with Arijit Singh on your playlist. You’ve turned into one of those udaas people you used to cringe at and you have no idea what to do about it! Nights are meant for overthinking, and hogging on anything unhealthy you can get your hands on: desserts, chips, burgers or pizzas. The most interaction you’ve had all month is with Swiggy! You may think that that’s okay, I have had a breakup so this is natural. Sure, it is unless your love apocalypse happened two months ago and you’re still quite a wreck! How do you know if you’ve been obsessing a bit much over your breakup? Here are 5 signs!

You’ve stopped having fun

There’s a huge difference between the level of fun you used to have earlier and now. You go dancing, or on a weekend getaway and it is doing nothing to excite you. On the outside, you’re laughing and enjoying, but you know that’s just a façade. Your besties can see right through it, because they know you too well to buy that shit.

You’re either too numb or too emotional

It almost feels like you’re doing things mechanically. You wake up, go to work, interact with colleagues, come back home – and all this time, you feel absolutely nothing. That’s how most of your days look like. But sometimes, you break down. You cry a river, at night, on your bed, because you don’t want to show your vulnerability to anyone. The next day, you’re back to being strong again. Your breakup is nibbling on your heart, and you don’t even realise it.

You still can’t sleep well

It’s normal to have sleepless nights, when the breakup is fresh. But here you are, several weeks later, still finding it difficult to sleep well. Your mind is overthinking, and it’s so stimulated that you find it hard to keep the thoughts away. Try clearing your head and bedroom to make it more conducive for falling into slumber. Sleeping well can be the first step to boost your mental health.

You’re falling sick more often

You know when you’re really hurt, your heart actually aches. Emotional pain can translate into physical. Your immunity is compromised, and you’ve been falling sick more often lately. It’s really not worth losing your health over a heartbreak, so take care of your needs over anything else.

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You’re being a recluse

The thing is, you have tried being social, hoping that one girl’s night out could just turn over a new leaf for you – like they show in the movies. Except that you forget about it one night, but the next day, you’re back to square one. And at this point, you just don’t feel like talking to anyone, because even when you do – you’re not a 100% present with them. You’ve withdrawn into a shell and all your friends are wondering where have you been. I know, this feels natural but seclusion will not help you heal. Go out, be with people who really love you and with time, you will be healed.


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