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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Sick (Physically)!

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Relationships can be pretty tricky. There are two people with their own personalities, likes/dislikes, habits, schedules and needs. In a happy relationship, you feel energise, healthy and happy! When things hit a rough patch though, it could get a little toxic and have an adverse effect on your body. It might not just be the compatibility or the connection between you and your partner, it can be your partner’s habits like his sleeping schedule or his addiction to alcohol which can affect your health as well. Here 7 signs that you need to watch out for to know if your relationship is affecting your health:


1. You’re gaining weight

Everyone has fights in a relationship. But if you finding yourself emotionally eating your woes away, your relationship might be to blame for your weight gain. Haven’t you seen those movies where, after an argument, the girl just sits down in front of a T.V. with a tub of ice cream and a box of pizza? Every time there is a fight, comfort food usually wins and makes you gain weight.

2. You’re losing weight

So it doesn’t just stop at weight gain, stress in a relationship can even lead to drastic weight loss. Lack of appetite can be a major problem which can be caused due to depression, anxiety or even helplessness.


3. Your sleeping patterns have gone for a toss

Due to stress, relaxing or even sleeping properly takes a backseat. It usually keeps your mind alert and filled with negative thoughts about your partner’s words and actions and it can get into a cycle that can be difficult to break.

4. You are addicted to smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol

Often , after a crazy work day, my colleagues and I resort to a drink at a nearby bar to release the stress. But that’s just us blowing off steam. If you find yourself with a peg too many or skipping out often for a smoke, it could be more than just a habit, it could be your escape from the relationship upheavals that threaten to drown you.

5. You shiver, sweat and feel short of breath

Everytime there is a fight or an argument, the nervous system gets activated which can leave you out of breath, an increased heart rate, sweaty and even cause shakiness in your body. This can really have serious consequences on your overall health. In fact, if it has gotten to this point, your relationship might need some serious rethinking.

If you are going through any of the points above, it’s about time you dump him, girl!


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