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5 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Jealous Of Your Ex

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We’re not saying it’s horrible to be jealous of your partner’s ex. Haven’t we all been there? While you may have been completely honest with bae about your exes, he may still need a little bit of reassurance to feel more secure. And in that case, you should completely give it to him! But then it can seem like it’s not enough. A feeling that he isn’t quite comfortable when you talk about or to your ex. Even the mere mention of him kinda irritates him. However, if he hasn’t really opened up to you about how he feels, how do you figure out if he is well, over your ex? Or still hung up on him? Fret not, here are 5 signs that reveal he is still jealous of your ex. And if he is, then talk it out and let him know that you both can work on this and that you don’t have to give this up for something this small.

1) He cringes if you mention him

Since you’re over your ex, mentioning him in the course of a conversation seems a very casual thing to do. And yet, when you simply mention him, you can see bae quietly swallowing his jealousy and trying to be subtle. But jealousy being such a strong emotion, it’s difficult to not let it show. He will be quick to change the topic to anything under the sun – India-Pak cricket match, the Roshan family controversy, global warming. Just anything, except the one-who-shouldn’t-be-named will do. That’s your man being Mr. J!

2) There’s an untold competition in his head

You know, as a matter of fact, that he’s much better than your ex, which is why you’re with him. But sometimes, he isn’t able to see this. If he tries to outdo your ex in every little thing (real or imaginary), you know there’s a who’s the best boyfriend of all competition in his head. If yous ex is all fit and fabulous, you’ll notice your bae suddenly signing up for gym and watching his diet. The only way to fix this is assuring him that there is no competition here. Let him know, he is the only one who rocks your world.

3) He has snooped around on your phone

In general, we are curious people. Of course, it needs a bit of self-discipline to not snoop around on another person’s phone. Still all of us have done it at some point. In one weak moment, if your bae decided to go through your texts, it’s probably because he is insecure. He wants to know from your conversations if he can figure out if you are flirting with him or have feelings for him. And that’s natural. But it doesn’t make it okay to become that nosy!

4) He doesn’t like you being cordial with your ex

You’ve buried the hatchet because why hold on to grudges? That’s too much negativity. Plus, you’ve moved on to greener pastures. Of course, being cordial or even friends with your ex feels okay. But look at your cutie’s face when you bump into your ex! At the end of the day, your bae too will have to make an efforts to be at peace with this.

5) He avoids the places you went to with your ex

This café you love seems like the perfect place to go to on a lazy Friday night. But you used to go there with your ex and now your current bae makes up excuses, avoiding that place like the plague. He doesn’t want to be in a place, where you made memories with your ex. But we mean, can we all chill? It’s not like your pictures are pasted all over the café’s walls.


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