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5 Signs You Shouldn’t Have Sex With Him Again. You Deserve Better!

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The thing about being social animals (like humans) is that it’s easy to feel pressurised to do things a certain way. While the society at large judges you if you have pre-marital sex, your unorthodox peers might be judging you for not having an active sex life. ‘Oh, you’re 25 and get no action’ they say, as if it’s a crime. You end up continuing to have sex with this guy, even though it kinda sucks. You think, something is better than nothing but is it? While sex can make you happy and refreshed, don’t let your standards so low that you’re losing the very essence of the experience. There are several guys out there who can satiate your desires much better. Here are 5 signs you shouldn’t have sex with this guy again.

You’re not sexually compatible

Bad sex really puts you off sex altogether. I mean seriously, if the sex doesn’t leave you feeling exhilarated, is it even worth all that swiping? You like French kisses but he keeps his tongue locked in, like it’s gold. He likes role-playing, and all you do when you dress like a sexy nurse is laugh till your ribs hurt. Of course, that doesn’t serve the purpose for either of you. With none of you seeking a middle ground, this seems like a case of sexual incompatibility.

He is selfish in bed

The boy walks into your bedroom like he is the king who has to be pleased. He wants his blowjobs, his handjobs and the sex position that he likes. He refuses to do what pleases you and comes before you do. That’s where the session ends. You’re not here to serve him. If he isn’t bothered about your orgasms, let him know he is just being as useful as the ‘K’ in ‘knight’.

He doesn’t respect your boundaries

When you give someone the consent for sex, it doesn’t mean they can do anything sexual with you. It’s not a free pass. If he persuades you to do things you aren’t comfortable with, it means he has no respect for your boundaries. Instead of pushing yourself to do something you don’t like, do someone else!

You don’t feel satisfied

There’s something about your relationship dynamic that’s making you feel unsatisfied. It can be completely unrelated to the sex you’re having. It’s possible that you want something more? Maybe you need to feel mentally or emotionally stimulated to be able to feel turned on. He jumping straight into sex might not be making the cut for you. So why stretch it?

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You don’t feel happy post-sex

Your gut feeling will never lie to you. Sex is supposed to leave feeling rejuvenated and happy. But if you find yourself on a downer after each time you have sex, it’s time to reflect. Is it him or is it you? Why have sex with someone if it doesn’t make you happy?

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