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5 Signs You Are Not Meant For A Long-Distance Relationship

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I find it really sad when someone has to go far away, leaving their love behind. I mean, when you breakup due to other reasons, it doesn’t feel as bad. But when he has to go to another country for his education or career, you can’t even hate him for it. Of course, long distance dating is an option. But not every person is cut out for it. You miss him, and all you wanna do is spend all night talking to him. But that’s not always possible, and it gets worse if you both are not even in the same time zone. It really depends on what are your needs from a relationship. Some people find long distance relationships difficult to pull off. Here are 5 signs you’re one of them.

1) You’re not comfortable being on your own

Some of us enjoy our ‘me time’ or moments of solitude. For instance, every once in a blue moon, I like going to my favourite cozy café, all by myself and reading a book. In fact, I enjoy going to the movies, shopping and walking alone. However, I have friends who find the idea rather depressing. If you’re the kind of person who absolutely needs company, you will find yourself drifting away from your partner and closer to someone who can be there, physically.

2) You feel like you need your partner present physically, not digitally

You want your partner to be around you; it’s not necessary to meet daily but regularly. You’d cannot compromise on the long walks, romantic dates and dancing nights. Without these, you cannot feel completely satisfied or build intimacy. Video calls are okay, but they just don’t do the trick for you. And that’s okay! Very soon, you know you both will start fighting over not putting enough effort and time into the relationship.

3) You feel held back

When you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t live in the same city as you, it leaves you feeling tied down. You want to do so many things like go out on dates, go clubbing and live your young days feeling free. But your boyfriend isn’t here and doing it with other dudes would feel wrong. So, you just feel much suffocated and really, really bored in life.

4) Sex is indispensable

Physical intimacy is vital in any relationship. And those rare nights – when one of you finally catches a plane and comes to visit – aren’t really enough. Masturbation and phone sex are okay, but you need your orgasms from your boyfriend and for that you need him in the same city as you.

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5) You feel you can get tempted

Because of all these factors, you feel that you can get attracted to someone locally. And cheating never feels good, for anyone with a conscience. So you think it’s probably better for all parties involved to date just locally.

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