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5 Signs There Is Sexual Tension Between You And Your Date

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There are some people we know are really nice but that doesn’t mean we’d date them. You go out with a guy you met online, and you’re still having really good conversations. But unfortunately, there is no difference between how you feel with him and how you feel with your cool aunt who always gives you the best gossip. Now we all want to feel comfortable with our partners but if you feel that comfy with him on a first date, there’s only one reason – you lack the sexual tension.

Experts say that it all starts from sexual attraction, conscious or subconscious. You don’t have to be in it for sex. But unless there’s some sexual connection, unless your pheromones are enticing him and vice versa, won’t it just be platonic?

“Positive sexual tension involves anticipation, excitement, motivation, spark, and risk,” says Dr. Rachel Needle, a licensed psychologist based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and co-director of Modern Sex Therapy Institutes told “Sexual tension exists when we desire someone, but are unsure what will happen or if there are circumstances getting in the way of acting on that desire, sometimes purposely,” Needle added.

Does he make you feel like every cell in your body is getting attracted to his? Does he feel like a human magnet that draws you irresistibly? Do you worry that if you drink too much in his company, you’re going to have a wild, wild night? When he touches you anywhere, does it make your heart skip a beat?

Here are 5 signs that show there’s sexual tension between you.

There is constant eye contact

A study says that making eye contact makes you feel happy with someone you like. I personally find this to be the sexiest non-sex thing ever. When you look into a pair of eyes that are already staring into yours, it can’t be for no reason. Of course, people make eye contact but this is prolonged, it’s constant, it’s like someone’s staring right into your soul. If that’s the case, there is some definite sexual tension!

You both can’t help but touch each other “casually”

When you laugh, you gently hit his shoulder and lean against him. You don’t like sitting away from each other, the seats should be close because you both need the proximity. He’s pulling your cheeks, you’re walking close and there’s a lot of touching. Unless you both are generally very touchy-feely, I’d say there’s a lot of sexual tension brewing.

For a moment, you feel there’s no one around you

Does it happen, when you’re on a date with him you barely notice your surroundings? You are so engrossed in him, you forget that this is not your private suite. You feel drawn towards each other in a room full of people. “The build up to sexual activity through communication, flirting, or exchanged looks, can create sexual tension,” Needle says.

You talk more softly with each other

When we are attracted to someone our voice changes when we speak to them. Pay attention to how you both interact with others. The best part? This is so involuntary most people can’t even camouflage it. If his voice gets softer when he speaks with you, oh boy, is he having the hots for you?

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There’s already physical affection

When you hug each other, you’ll remain in an embrace for longer. He is already pulling your cheeks or holding your hand. Maybe there have been some kisses on the cheeks too? If you’ll linger with the physical affection, chances are the sexual tension will heat things up even more.

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