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5 Signs There Is Great Sexual Chemistry Between You And Your Date

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If you’re single and in the dating pool, you will agree that while it can be fun to get to date almost every weekend, it can get frustrating as well. Because sometimes, you end up sitting across a guy, who is just slightly more attractive to you than Uday Chopra. That feels like a waste of time, but most importantly, of makeup and clothes. But then, there are these dates, that make up for great drunken stories with our BFFs. These are the dates that make you glow the next day, and make you want to text him every day. So how do you know if you and your date really had sexual chemistry? Or was it just you wanting to fling your underwear at him? Here are 5 signs that show the sexual tension between you and your date is very, very legit!

His eyes are fixated on you

They say it is all in the eyes and I believe in it, a 100%. If he looks at you, like you’re the only human in the room, he is smitten! His eyes will scan your face, as if he is trying to read deep into your soul. And that makes you really feel things, both in your heart and between your legs! The eye contact only breaks with a knowing smile.

His eyes move to your lips while talking

When we are talking to someone we are attracted to, our eyes naturally move to their lips. So if he involuntarily looks at your lips, like he has already kissed them a thousand times, maybe he has…in his head. Kiss already!

Both of you lean towards each other

You love the physical proximity with him – it feels natural and tenses you up at the same time. Your palms become cold, your heart beats faster, while you talk utter nonsense. You don’t remember what you spoke about, but you remember being so tempted to kiss him, when he leaned in even closer to what you were saying.

You’re very aware of any physical contact

One of you said something hilarious and you both are laughing, and he ends up touching your thighs while at it. When it’s just a platonic friend, we feel nothing. But when the sexual chemistry is bursting at seams, you will feel every touch. He moves your hair behind the ear, and you’re sitting there, trying to catch your breath and your heart from jumping right out of your chest! Pheww!

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You can feel the butterflies

When you have amazing sexual chemistry, you just feel it. You feel it in your bones. The way he smiles from ear-to-ear and you blush like a teenager, is just the proof of the sexual chemistry that’s refusing to budge. All it needs to go ahead is an initiative, so kiss and be kissed, oh-so-passionately!

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