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5 Signs The Guy You’ve Been Texting Genuinely Likes You

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We are in the era of texting. Well, it suits me because my introvert side hates it when people (non-friends) call up. Like hey, can you just WhatsApp me instead? It can get done on chat too. But here’s the thing. We as a generation are so addicted to our phones that we just like texting people instead of doing anything productive or spending time with people in person. I am not that person. I like speaking over a call if I am close to you. And more than that, I prefer meeting! Especially after I realised that you could spend several waking hours every day chatting with a person and they could go like, “Oh, I don’t want anything romantic.” Of course, that doesn’t include casual sex because most of them would go for it in a jiffy!

A smarter thing to do would be to watch out for behaviours that indicate he actually likes you and isn’t just passing time by talking to top three most available women. Maybe he is just lonely and chatting up with anyone who has time. or maybe he really does like you. He wants to stay connected and is genuinely interested in you. He is not here, texting just to get into your pants but to get to know you better.

So how do you really know what is happening? Well, you can ask. But if that’s a distant, awkward dream, here are a few signs that say the guy you’ve been texting is genuinely interested.

He wants to know what is happening in your daily life

A guy who is just hitting on you to get into your pants or someone who is just bored isn’t really interested in knowing the mundane things of your daily life. But someone who really likes you will be connected to the silliest things you do every day. You feel free to text him about your morning ride to work, how the coffee machine broke down and how your boss praised you! If he is having something delicious at work, he will send you the pic because he remembers you once mentioned just how you love pizzas!

Your conversation keeps flowing

You have that amazing connection where the conversation just flows. It’s not like both of you are unemployed and have nothing to do. But you may be discussing something in the morning and it continues during the day. And when he gets free at night, he sets aside time to simply chat with you without any break. A guy who is texting you because he is bored will disappear as soon as he is something else to do.

He is consistent with his attention

Whether he is going for a destination wedding or to a birthday, you know about it. He drops a text letting you know so you don’t think he is acting distant for no reason. He cares about how you feel and think. In fact, there has been no day that you went without texting each other at all. He makes sure he will find time to text at least once even when he is busy. A guy is not putting that effort into a girl he is just fooling around with.

He calls once in a while

Texting is great but does he call you? If he is content with the exchange of texts then it could mean he is not craving for more. But if he calls you once in a while to hear your voice and have a better conversation, he wants more of you. He can’t get enough of you and this only gets better.

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He wishes you good morning/good night

They say the person who is on your mind the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night is the one you truly like. And I can vouch for that to be true! If the guy is texts you at the start and end of his day, you’re the one who makes his world go round. Although this in isolation isn’t quite a sign of his genuine interest in you but in combination with others, this means quite a lot! Here’s how you can flirt right back!

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