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5 Signs He Values You And Would Never Want To Lose You

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A guy who truly loves you and values you, will always treat you like he is afraid to lose you. Because you’re so precious to him, he wouldn’t want to make you feel unhappy. And I am not talking about those guys who treat you like a queen, until they become confident you won’t walk away. In fact, that is the exact shit that will make a woman walk out. He will treat you with love, so your relationship remains the way it is, always. If you have this guy, hold on to him. Here are 5 signs he is afraid of losing you.

  • He is careful about your feelings

With bae, you feel safe. Your heart feels safe. He is not brash in handling your feelings, in fact, he handles them like you’d hold a baby – with care. There’s no way he will get back at you, even when he is upset. When he realises what things hurt you, he will do his best to not do those things. Your feelings matter to him, which shows that you matter to him.

  • Your fights don’t last more than a day

The two of you fight in the cutest way possible. Okay, the fight may not be cute but the post-fight making up process definitely is. There’s no way you can go without talking to each other for days. After the anger has subsided, it doesn’t matter who is right, who is wrong. It doesn’t matter what you were fighting about. You guys will be talking, initially a bit coldly but before you know it – the baby talk is back!

  • He puts effort in sorting things out

Maybe there was a misunderstanding that got you all riled up. Or it’s this thing that he does often which makes you feel bad. If there is anything at all that’s bothering you, he won’t just abandon the issue at that. He will be there and hear you vent because he understands you need to let it all out. And he will be there to discuss things till all the creases are ironed out. He will make you feel heard and your feelings will feel validated. And it will make you so happy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t ask this of all men before this.

  • You don’t feel unheard or unloved

A lot of people, love the way they want to love. But I feel, we should love the way our partner wants to be loved. He gives you as much love as you feel the need to receive…assuming that it’s a realistic amount. What you believe in, matters to him because you’re a woman he deeply cares about and also respects. If you ask for attention, he doesn’t dismiss you as needy, he gives it to you, willingly and happily.

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  • He plans ahead with you

When we are single, we plan just for ourselves. But when you have someone for long-term, you plan ahead…but as a team. He is thinking about travel destinations you could explore next summer, or how his friend’s wedding six months down the line would be so much fun. He doesn’t want to even think about not having you in his life. This one’s a keeper!

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