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5 Signs He Is Pulling Away From You. One Is Definitely How He Stops Making You Feel Desired

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Each time you sit with your girlfriends and the conversation turns to boys, the hot-and-cold behaviour tends to be a very common topic and one that gets everyone all riled up. Seriously, what’s up with these guys? They pursue you and give you so much attention. And when you get to like them too, they act all distant and cold. Like it sometimes feels like these guys want to be the dog who chases his own tail. The dog will continue to chase but never catch up to it. So when they get you, do they begin to feel like ‘Meh, she isn’t that mysterious after all’? It’s hideous when they pull away and you don’t even know whether they are genuinely busy or acting like an arsehole?

It’s even more perplexing when you don’t know the reason and then you begin analysing everything you said to him. We don’t need that kind of anxiety in our lives. Find out if he’s actually pulling away, so you know when to back off. Here are 5 signs!

1) He doesn’t initiate conversations

There he was, texting you for hours and hour, flirting like it was going out of fashion. It almost felt like you were next to each other and those kiss emojis felt all too real. You don’t know what went down but now he behaves like you’re a woman selling him life insurance and he thinks he’s too invincible to need one. Point being, he’ll never initiate the conversation and your messages sit in his inbox like the promotional texts your gym keeps sending you. It’s quite a dick move on his part!

2) He leaves you hanging in the middle of texting

So feelings take precedence over self-respect and you text him. Or he does because he doesn’t want to make any sudden movements and would prefer slowly fading away from your life. You get excited and hopeful that maybe now things will return to normal and you’ll be sending each other warm texts again. But he ghosts you in the middle of a conversation. If he can’t stay interested in a conversation, you should definitely consider why you should be in a whole relationships with him.

3) He refrains from making any long-term plans

And I am not talking about getting married. I am not even talking about going on a vacation next year. I am talking about committing to a video call during the weekend or calling you the next day. Or planning a post-pandemic date. He shivers like a drenched cat at the thought of anything that requires him to speak in the future tense.

4) He has stopped making you feel admired

All those compliments that came your way about how sexy you are and how he made sure to hit on you with the wittiest of flirtatious conversations seem to be a thing of the past. You feel baffled at the turn of events and it’s hurting your feelings and ego. Now even when you send him your selfie, he replies with a “nice” equivalent. Put on some makeup and let go of your need of being serenaded by him.

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5) You can feel something is off and he doesn’t have any explanation

After playing it cool and having your self-respect attacked, you decide to confront him. But when you ask him if something’s wrong, he will nonchalantly give you “I’m busy” as if it wasn’t his horny ass that used to text you all day in spite of having work. And when you refuse to buy that excuse lamer than the whole gaumutra-can-cure-coronavirus theory, he gets mad at you. He begins to gaslight you and make you feel like you’re crazy when all you did was try to have clear communication. It’s not like you’d force him to talk to you (God, I hope not, woman!) so why can’t he be an adult and amicably end things? Even if he just needs time and space for himself, he can simply say so.

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