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5 Signs He Doesn’t Prioritise You In Your Relationship

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I believe if you enter a relationship with someone you love, and see your future with, you automatically make them a priority. It means a lot to you, you’re absolutely in awe of them and can’t get enough of them. In fact, you want the relationship to work so you invest yourself in it. Say, if you really like your job and it’s literally your dream job, you will put all your effort in it. But if you’re working just for the sake of it, for money, for experience and waiting to get out, you will just do the bare minimum that doesn’t get you fired. If your partner is not prioritising you and acting like you are just a stop and not his final destination, it can really hurt.

You are here, putting all the effort into the relationship. And he is chilling, putting other things over you. I can be his second priority but not if the first is playing football with his friends. Like by all means, prioritise your ambitions, your individuality and all that. And definitely not after bingeing on Money Heist, or with your many female friends!

I invest a lot into my relationship and I would want the other person to show me where I stand in his life. Sometimes, even if there is love, people end up taking you for granted. In those times, you have to take a step back from all that unconditional love and take a stand for the kind of treatment you deserve.

Whether he is just not that into you or has taken you for granted or he is just not used to being in a committed relationship, he has to improve his performance. Are you not his priority? Here are 5 signs that say that you’re way down in his list of priorities.

  • They give you leftover time

I was dating a guy who would plan his time very efficiently; he’d just forget to put me in his schedule. You know, like he’d be like, “Oh, I need to get home and recharge so I will watch Netflix.” That meant we’d never talk during the weekdays. On weekends, he’d wake up and plan what he wants to do with his day – play games, watch football, play football, go to the gym, do random home improvement projects and what not. After all this, if there is a slot between two things, he’d ask me to meet him, last minute of course. It was only when I stopped meeting him last minute that he started making plans with me first. We are not here for someone’s leftover time.

  • They forget to tell you important updates of their life

Like hey, I applied for this amazing job opportunity in a different city. Or my boss told me I am in for a raise. Hey, we are moving next month into a new home. I am heading to Goa this weekend. If you are finding out things last minute or after they’ve happened, he doesn’t prioritise you one bit. Erm, if you are his girlfriend, he should act like it and not treat you like an acquaintance! You probably find out some things from social media.

  • They are not excited about special occasions/holidays with you

When you prioritise someone, you feel excited to celebrate special occasions with them. But on their birthday, they have gave you an embarrassing time slot, that too out of obligation. On your birthday, he barely does anything special and suddenly, he is all about how Valentine’s Day means nothing. He says every day is V-day except he treats you like shit every day.

  • Your physical intimacy is deteriorating

Physical intimacy is the first thing to dip when emotional intimacy goes down in a long-term relationship. You used to be all over each other, hugging, kissing and being affectionate every time you met. Today, your best friend gives you a better hug than your SO. He definitely doesn’t prioritise you.

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  • You’ve discussed it but nothing has changed

When someone values you and is afraid of losing you, they work on your relationship issues. This guy here listens to your issues, gaslights you into believing you’re the crazy one and then goes on to being exactly the same way. Your feelings are neglected until you threaten to leave him. Even then he apologises and continues to not prioritise you! This has to be addressed on priority!

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