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5 Sexy Things He Can Do Down There To Make You Moan With Pleasure

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When you go down on a guy, if you think it’s a simple task, then you’re not being creative enough. You’re probably not giving the best blowjob he has ever had. Because it’s not that basic. There are several techniques to try. In fact, you can use your hands too while you’re at it. Similarly, if a guy thinks that he can just move his tongue down there and you will be squirting, then he is just too unaware of things. There’s so much to do, so many sensations to explore, so many orgasms to experience. Here are 5 things he can do down there to make you moan in pleasure. Pass it on to bae and let him come prepped the next time.

1) He can use both his hand and mouth

I know most guys are not good at multi-tasking, but I am pretty sure, this is not Olympic-level difficult. All he has to do is stimulate your clit with his tongue while using his fingers to penetrate you. All you have to do is lay back and focus on feeling the rush. He can even switch between using his hands on your clitoris and labia (It has amazing nerve-endings) and his tongue down there. Why? Who said only a blow job needs work?

2) Add a vibrator to the play

While bae is already making you moan with some amazing tongue action down, how about adding some vibration to it? It’s your turn to feel indulged and if you need a little extra, then so be it. He can use a vibrator to penetrate your vagina or one that stimulates your clitoris. If you’re using a lube, then make sure its sex toy compatible.

3) Find your G-spot

A lot of couples complain that finding the G-spot is tricky AF. After exasperatingly looking for it, at this point you feel the chances of discovering another continent or pulling Titanic out of North Atlantic Ocean are higher. This spot inside your vagina just seems like fiction, because your bae has never been there and done that. But you are just doing it all wrong! Ask bae to look for a spot with corrugated texture, two-inches approx. into your vagina. It is on the top side and when stimulated, can give you mind-blowing orgasms! Once he gets familiar with the spot, he can stimulate it during intercourse easily.

4) Follow the rhythm and pace you seem to enjoy

When he is rubbing your clit and he has hit the right spot and pace, you will know. You begin to lose control and you know that an orgasm is just around the corner. At this point, you just want him to go on, so you’re telling him you like it and then he just switches to a totally different rhythm. And you can feel your orgasm getting further away! It feels like that sneeze that failed to happen.

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5) Don’t stop at one orgasm

Every girl deserves multiple orgasms. So when, after all that fingering and oral sex, your cheeks are all red and warm and you’re enjoying your first orgasm, he cannot decide that he’s done for the day. Umm, no, women don’t get done with just one! Let him know beforehand that he must not stop doing whatever made you come.


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