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5 Sexy Things Confident Women Do In Bed

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There was a time when women were expected to lie in bed, pretty much letting the men do their thing. Active participation was almost looked down upon. Thankfully, the days of the coy and demure girl who would lie back and enjoy are well past us. Now, women are taking charge, in bed and otherwise and telling the men exactly what’s on our mind. This kind of take-charge attitude only comes when you have enough self esteem with heaps of self-love. Which we have aplenty.  So, we spill the secrets on what confident women do in bed.

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A confident woman loves her body with cellulite and frizz and all!

Confident women don’t worry about how they look naked. They own their flaws, lumps and scars and wear them with pride. Slim, tall, plus size, short, no matter what you look like, you feel comfortable in your own skin. A stray hair, awkward lump doesn’t bother you. You may like dim lights but that is not because you are trying to hide any flaws from your partner. You know body positivity is not only about being OK with your shape but also about feeling attractive and sexy at any size.

A confident woman does not fake it to protect her man’s ego!

You know it is easier for men to climax. A willing partner will work at pleasing you but if the big O isn’t happening, it simply isn’t and there’s no point faking it. The confident woman is okay to cut out the drama, you don’t want to fake an orgasm and ooh and aah just so the guy won’t feel hurt. You know it doesn’t work that way and you will ask for what you like so he can satisfy you next time. You are also smart enough to send selfish lovers packing!

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A confident woman is not afraid to take charge of protection

BYOC – bring your own condom. That is the best way to ensure you are protected each time. While the guy has to wear it, you can be responsible for safe sex too. Remember to keep condoms handy instead of waiting for your partner to get it all the time.

A confident woman can experiment and draw boundaries when needed.

Whether it is your first time or not, you know how to draw the line when you are not cool with something. Be it a certain position or body odour, if something is not working for you, you are vocal about it. On the other hand, you are also secure enough to try something different if you are truly comfortable with your partner. You can trust your instincts to lead you right!

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A confident woman knows respect and pleasure is a two-way street!

You know you don’t have to behave like a porn star nor do you expect your guy to act like one (or be hung like one, actually). Whether you are a moaner or not, heavy breather or not, you are completely natural. You respect your partner’s preferences and he respects yours. You laugh off the odd grunt or bodily sounds and only seek mutual pleasure.

Trust us ladies, the men love a woman who knows what she wants, in bed and outside of it.


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