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5 Sexy Things All Women Deserve In Bed. Men, Take Notes

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We read a dozen articles on what men want in bed. Research on what makes a man go crazy, how to give the best blowjobs are everywhere. We go out of our way to acquire knowledge about how to pleasure our bae in the best possible way. And yes, that does help your sex life. But do you know what is that one indispensable thing without which your sex life just cannot take off? Knowing what you want and deserve in bed. And that’s not it – you must communicate that with bae.

It’s like making a deal and putting forth your desires. So what is that most women expect in bed? Here are 5 things that you should totally get from bae.

Tons of foreplay

So, guys may take no time in getting an erection and being physically ready for penetration. But it’s not like that with us. We need to be dripping wet for it to not hurt while having sex. And that happens with a ton of foreplay. Also, because it’s pleasurable AF (literally!) Spend a lot of time feeling us up and planting kisses on us. We’re not Burj Khalifa; there’s much more to do then hit the roof!


A lot of women do fake orgasms, but they also go home and the first thing they do is help themselves! And they also come back to their friends talking about how their men aren’t able to make them come. I am not saying this should be the reason he wants you to orgasm. But sex without orgasm is like walking out of a thriller movie, right before the climax. I don’t see the point of either.


Is washing yourself clean too much to ask for? Dear men, if you don’t do it before asking us to go down on you, then the only thing that will suck is your sex life.


Sex doesn’t end with intercourse. It’s just half work done. In fact, cuddling sets the mood for round 2. And thinking long-term, I wouldn’t invest having sex with a guy who doesn’t want to cuddle. So can we just be chipku?

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Post-sex affection

Have you ever been with a guy, who just switches off after sex? There’s a vast difference between his affection before and after the deed. Post-coitus, this guy moves to the couch and starts watching Netflix, and you’re all like, “Hello?  I am still here.” The person you were showering attention on? Yes, that’s me. Tell him to fuck off the next time he wants sex. Because all we want is being given the same attention even when you have climaxed and put your pants back on.

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