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5 Relationship Problems Every Couple Faces And How To Solve Them

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We enter a relationship with so many expectations. There’s a whole bunch of #RelationshipGoals out there on Instagram and we want to be all of them, but hey, most of it is staged! Reality is far from what we see on social media. Relationships aren’t just about the I love yous and kisses! Sometimes, you will have to work on the issues. Sometimes, you’ll have to learn to take a step back and let things be.

While deciding where to eat can get pretty difficult, there are bigger relationship problems you’ll be dealing with. Here are 5 relationship troubles every couple experiences at some point, and here’s what you can do to fix them!

1. You learn they can’t be your ‘everything’

We put a lot of pressure on our partners. There are so many expectations, and so many disappointments too. We expect them to be our soulmates, best friend, travel companion, Netflix partner, beer-chugging buddy, and basically everything. Well, guess what. No human can be so many things at once. Instead, differentiate between your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’, and communicate them with your partner.

2. Some habits don’t change

He probably hates the fact that you’re always late. On the other hand, his planning skills (or lack thereof) drives you nuts. You’ve fought with each other so many times, but some habits die hard. It may get better, but it will probably never be completely out of your system. Love is all about being patient and compassionate. You will still remind him that he needs to be more organised, but you’ll make up for it by taking over all the planning. And he will know you’ll be late, so he will leave accordingly. It’s all about balancing it out!

3. There will be dry spells

In the initial phase of a relationship, there’s a lot of excitement and passion. But it doesn’t always remain consistent. There will be phases when one or both of you will experience a drop in sexual desire. Time between the sheets may seem like a chore rather than something fun. The reason could be anything, ranging from work stress to more serious relationship issues. During times like these, you will have to put more effort into spicing up your routine. Trying new things in bed can add some romance back into your sex life.

4. Dealing with jealousy

While some people are more jealous than others, at the end of the day, all of us have the capacity for insecurity. You may experience bouts of jealousy from time to time. Though a bit of possessiveness can be cute and makes you feel closer, a lot of it can damage your relationship. Not feeling trusted isn’t a good feeling at all. To keep your relationship going strong, you both will have to work on building a strong line of communication and trust.

5. You may experience doubts

Even people in happy relationships have their doubts, sometimes. We wonder if they are really right for us. Are we settling for less? Did we compromise too much? If you’re truly in a happy relationship, focus on the positives instead.


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