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5 Reasons You’re Feeling Sensitive And Having Frequent Fights With Bae

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We may pretend to know everything about ourselves, but that’s far from the truth. In fact, knowing yourself thoroughly requires a lot of introspection but it seems like most of us don’t have time for that. Well, now you do. Now you have plenty of time to go years back into your memory and introspect away. Or you could do it a little and watch Netflix to you know to balance your time and not go cuckoo. 

The reason I am going on about looking within is that sometimes we feel cranky and too sensitive and we end in what seems like a fight marathon. You can’t put it in words because you’re as baffled as your bae. Sometimes even the smallest thing can piss you off, the kind that you’d ignore on a cheerful day. Sounds too close to home? Here are some reasons you’ve been feeling a little too sensitive lately.  

There are unresolved issues in your relationship  

Nobody likes conflict because it kinda makes you feel like crap and all you want is your relationship to run smoothly. So what do we do? We put all the issues under the carpet and pretend they don’t exist, until someone lifts the carpet and there’s an accumulation of it all. We don’t even communicate about it because who wants to seem so needy and uptight? Those right there are your unresolved issues slowly causing your relationship to degenerate It’s like that annoying message you get on your laptop to install updates that you keep delaying until it gives you an ultimatum. It’s time to lift that carpet and to install those updates and to just talk it out.  

You’re still hung up on your last fight   

When you’ve had a fight with bae, when does that fight end? You’d say when he apologises but nope, that’s when it ends for him. For you, it’s when you truly let go and heal from the hurt. Until then, you’re just gonna hold on to the fight even after saying “it’s okay”. What do you need to let it go? Do you need assurance? Do you just want to be hugged tight? Just let him know and fix it before you add way too many fights to the list.  

Your needs are not being met 

How do you feel when there’s a sale going on and you’re broke AF? It feels so annoying to not be able to get what you want because you’re falling short on money. Shortage of anything feels suffocating, be it attention, affection, time or sex. Whatever it is, if your needs are not being met, it will make you resent your partner. Even if he does something nice, you’ll only see the flip side.   


You want some space   

Couples tend to spend all of their time together because they can’t get enough of each other. They mix in each other’s social circles and before you know it, both of them are not really getting  any separate time with their friends. They don’t even have time for themselves. But they say too much of anything is bad. If you’re gonna be in each other’s hair all the time, it will restrict your individual growth and you’ll get bored of them. When you begin to feel that you’re getting frustrated with bae a little too much, take time out and do something for yourself. It’s possible that you will return to them feeling rejuvenated and a lot sweeter.  

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It could be something totally unrelated to him   

You could be hating your work situation or maybe you’re irritated with your best friend. Whatever is causing you to be a little sore, it could be spilling onto your love life. It’s quite common for our partner to bear the brunt of our mood swings and it could be just one of those phases. Just keep calm and figure what is bothering you. And remember, he means well!  

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