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5 Reasons Your Guy Having Several Female Friends Will Make Him A Better Boyfriend

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I used to be a very possessive girlfriend earlier. Now I am not anymore and me being single has nothing to do with it! A few years ago, I used to get very jealous if my boyfriend paid attention to his female friends. Meanwhile, I had my own set of platonic male friends and that was okay. Yeah, I was horrible. But my boyfriend was nice enough to understand. Slowly, with time I realised that there’s really nothing to worry about.

I mean, why do you get insecure if your boyfriend has several female friends? It’s not like he is sleeping around with them. And if he is, then he doesn’t deserve to be your boyfriend. In fact, you should know whether you can trust him or not. If you feel he won’t cheat on you and still feel insecure, I can understand. It happens but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fix it. Jealousy hasn’t done anyone any good. Here’s why you shouldn’t be jealous just because he has several female friends. As per my experience, these guys make really good boyfriends.

1) He probably understands women well

My cousin brother has a very good understanding of women because he has grown up surrounded by his female cousins (we outnumber the males in my family!) We’ve spoken to him about our crushes and boyfriends, which gave him like an insider access to what women want! If your boyfriend has a lot of female friends, chances are they tell him things too.

2) He knows how to keep a friendship with the opposite sex platonic

I feel people who don’t know how to maintain friendship with the opposite sex are more suspicious. Men don’t have to look at all women as potential matches. If the friendship is truly platonic, the gender of the other person doesn’t matter.

3) The chances of him being sexist are low

Firstly, let me tell you, so many women will not be friends with a sexist guy. Secondly, chances are that they talk to him about the unfair biases women have to face. So he probably has learnt to be aware of the casual sexism in our country and has feminist values.


4) He likes you and nobody else

Sure, he may have several female friends and some of them may be damn hot. But that doesn’t mean he will fall for them. Don’t you see hot dudes? Would you leave your boyfriend and go chasing one? Pretty girls aren’t out there trying to steal boyfriends. And if they can steal yours then keeping him isn’t worth it anyway.

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5) He has self-control

This means he will not fall for the first pretty girl who smiles at him. He doesn’t look at women as just sex objects and even if someone is attractive, he doesn’t try to get in her pants. Seems like a guy with good character to me!

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