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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Have Sex Before Marriage

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The fact that we still have to write an article about how it’s actually a good idea to have premarital sex, says a lot about our society. The naysayers will try to convince you that sex should only be had after you’ve exchanged vows. They will tell you that women who do it before marriage are ‘loose’ and lacking character. But we’ve come far from there, and women can do with their bodies as they please without being labelled. Or at least that’s the hope.

Which means, if you feel like you’re ready for sex, you probably are. There are many prerequisites to having sex and marriage isn’t one of them. Safety, comfort and desire – sure! Here are 5 reasons why you definitely should have sex before marriage.

1) Sex keeps you healthy

So the whole concept of abstinence is rigged. Humans are sexual beings and it’s natural to have physical urges. Orgasms are not just for pleasure, they also improve your health. People who are sexually satisfied are known to have better memory, reduced stress and even longer life! I mean, why wait until marriage to start working on your well-being, right?

2) Because you get better with practice

Okay, so the first time hurts, mostly. And it might even be clumsy and less-than-perfect. You will stick to the simple sex positions, until you feel like you can venture into the kink territory confidently. You know how a company always insists on hiring people with experience? Shouldn’t we want that in a life partner too? Like imagine, both of you know how to sex it up and have already mastered the several positions in Kamasutra. Yes, that right there is what heaven feels like!

3) It’s not ‘immoral’

So our society has been propagating abstinence for women since forever. For men, not so much. Who do you think straight men are having sex with? Honestly, practically everyone is having sex, maybe not admitting it though, because you know taboos and shit like that. The whole concept of virginity is a regressive AF trick to suppress female sexuality, and it needs to be tossed out. Only thing, have safe sex.

4) People who have sex are happier

When you’re having enough sex, your body is in abundance of oxytocin and dopamine, which we know as the hormones that make us happy. And you know what happy people do? They love themselves and don’t settle for a bad relationship. Also, unless you’re happy with yourself, you may not be able to keep another person happy. So choose your joy over societal hypocrisy!

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5) You should know what good sex is

How do you know what good sex is when you have no experience at all? You may get married and make do with whatever you’re getting. What if the orgasms he is giving you are quite meh? Well, if you have something to compare it with you know when things aren’t going great. And brownie points for knowing your body well, and what gets you going. Just makes everyone’s life easier, right?


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