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5 Reasons Why You Might Actually Want To Consider An Arranged Marriage

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We’ve come along from a time when arranged marriages meant making snap decisions in the first meeting itself. It used to be a decision solely taken by our parents, mostly after taking all the practical things into account but no part of romantic compatibility was considered. You were expected to fall in line, share a bed, life and home with a person you barely knew.  Thankfully, arranged marriages aren’t the same now. In urban India at least, your parents basically act like the HR generalists hiring for the post of your husband. At the end, the choice remains with you. Yes, it might not be ideal and fit into your notions of romantic love but there might be something to arranged marriages. Here’s why you might want to consider it.

Your decision is not clouded by love

Love happens in the most unassuming ways, you don’t know when and with whom your heart will strike a chord. When in love, we are willing to oversee every other aspect of the relationship. You’re willing to adjust with his annoying mother, make excuses for his annoying behaviour and even overlook the cultural/lifestyle differences. You tend to compromise on your needs and goals, just to make things work with them. In an arranged marriage, you look for a match that best suits your interests. This gives you more chances at having the life you’d planned for. It may be cut and dry but it could be the smartest decision you make.

No time wasted

Dating seems to be getting more complicated with every swipe. With sex easier to find, and commitment not, it’s so difficult to find ‘the one’. You may want to settle while he wants to still play the field. The guessing game is exhausting, to say the least. At least, in an arranged marriage setup, the goal is common. You both are in a phase where you’re ready to make a lifelong commitment and settle down.

You both want the same things

Don’t want to be stuck with a partner who doesn’t have a passion for things you love?  We want a companion with whom we share common interests. Where do you see yourself five years down the line? In an arranged setup, you both can discuss and figure how many boxes check. Be it settling abroad, making babies, buying a house or investing in travel, if he shares similar goals, we’d say put a ring on it!

You start from zero

In an arranged marriage, your love starts to bloom slow yet steady. You take one day at a time. The little things you both do for each other make you happy. The expectations are not sky high, which is a good thing. The lesser you expect, the happier you’ll be!

Your parents do know better

Our parents somehow seem to be almost always right about the guys we’ve dated. We don’t know whether it’s the experience or just the good ol’ intuition, but parents can see right through f**kbois. They know you inside out and have your best interests at heart. This means, they can actually shortlist guys they know will keep their daughter happy.


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