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5 Reasons Why You Can Never Be Completely Ready For Marriage And Why That’s Okay

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Most of us have seen our parents’ compromise a lot for their marriage and for us. And we are a generation that is not accustomed to compromising. We assume that a marriage is all responsibilities and finding the middle ground seems like a lot of work. So we often feel like we are not ready for marriage but very often it is just our fears talking. And at some point or the other, we will need to conquer them and dive right in – with the right guy!

In fact, even if you feel you are ready for it, you are not. You will never be completely ready, which is why most brides feel a lot of nervousness while getting married even if they are in love with their partners. Here’s why you will never be completely ready and you will have to simply take the leap fearlessly!

There’s no course to help you graduate from singledom to married life

It’s not like you can take up a degree in marriage, give exams and become an expert at things. Although, sometimes I wish it was  like that but that’s not really feasible in the real world. No matter how much you read up on handling the little arguments, or how much you try to learn from your friends’ experiences, your story is yours alone. You will have to take each day as it comes and find a way to keep working on things. Sometimes, it will be great. Sometimes, not so much but at the end the love and understanding will make everything worth it. And you will see, for yourself.

You can never know a person enough before marriage

I have known people who said yes in three meetings in an arranged marriage set up. I also know people who spend years dating and still can’t decide if they want to be with them forever. But here’s the thing. Until you live with a person, you never really know them in and out. And even after you get married, you continue discovering new things about each other through the years.

Love or arranged, it’s all a gamble

Since you will be experiencing everything for the first time, you can’t predict how it will turn out to be. Will he change once the honeymoon phase is over? Will you be able to maintain the spark? Will he be a good father? So many questions that only time can answer.

A lot of things are different in theory and practical

You’ve seen your friends changing priorities after marriage. You know that’s inevitable and you assume that you’ve mentally prepared yourself for it. But when you actually have to make the changes to your lifestyle, you realise that you can never really be prepared. You are sharing your life, your space and priorities with another human who you love. At least most of the time.

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Goals don’t end with marriage

A lot of people, even though they are emotionally ready to invest in a marriage, delay it for other reasons. They say they want to focus on their career, travel, etc. But why see marriage as the dead end of your goals? An ambitious girl will remain like that even after marriage. You can travel too, and with a very loving companion by your side!

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