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5 Reasons Why It’s Such A Turn On When He Compliments You In Bed

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I think that it’s human nature to want to feel desired. We like being where we feel needed. If we feel disposable then we’d rather not be there, right? Would you hang out with friends who didn’t really care if you came or not? Would you feel happy working in a company where you’re not encouraged? Similarly, if my boyfriend doesn’t show he really desires me I wouldn’t be happy there. I need to feel that pull, the force that feels strong and powerful. It makes you so happy when you know they can’t do without you.

In fact, your libido can die down if you’re not feeling desired enough. We absolutely need it to get turned on. I was living my life just fine, not knowing what I was missing until this guy I dated complimented me. We had just made out and he had gone to use the washroom. When he came out, he just looked at me, sitting naked on the bed scrolling through Instagram. He smiled at me and asked me if I knew how beautiful I looked at that moment. And I just looked at him in disbelief, which is when he said it again and I was on cloud 9. I really can’t describe how happy that made me feel. It’s little things like these – the right moment and a genuine, unpretentious compliment – that makes us so happy. Here’s why I feel compliments are so important!

It makes us less conscious of our naked body

All of us are at least a little conscious of our body. Shedding your clothes and inhibitions with another person isn’t always easy. But when you’re baring it all in front of him, your awkwardness would go out of the window if he compliments your body. It eases you into being naked around him and you don’t have to grab a robe the moment you’re done doing him.

It feels nice to be admired even with your imperfections

A few extra inches on your tummy, a scar on your back or anything that you feel could look better – we have so many imperfections. You may be completely fine by those but you want to know if your partner likes your little physical quirks. Believe me, when he loves my body including my tummy which is right now pregnant with a food baby, it makes me feel safer. I feel this is home and it just makes me like him so much more.

Our exes literally left us feeling we aren’t good enough

By the time our relationship ended, we didn’t even know what being appreciated feels like. All that happened was gaslighting. I hate that it’s this way, but sometimes it does give you a bit of self-doubt when your relationship doesn’t work out or the guy you’d been seeing says he doesn’t want to commit to you. It makes us feel we aren’t good enough. So really, I shouldn’t need validation but sometimes you need to hear a good thing from someone else.

It makes us feeling sexier and hornier

Whether it’s my body he is appreciating or the way I turn him on, it makes me feel even sexier. Feeling desired is a turn on, so the compliments will pay off! It just makes sex so much better because you’re already turned on and the orgasms are already in pipeline!

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It encourages us to put more effort in bed

You know how when your boss compliments you, it makes you want to put more hard work? When he appreciates you, it makes you want to go that extra mile. You blow him a little longer and with more variations. You put effort in making him go crazy!

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