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5 Reasons I Wish We Could Talk About Sex With Our Parents Without Them Having A Meltdown

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I don’t know why and how our parents think that we are a bunch of sexually inactive millennials. Or maybe they know we are doing things but their awkwardness would never let them confront us. Does my mom think I have spent all this years of my life sticking to just holding hands? But even if they know that we don’t shy away from physical affection, the lines of communication remain shut.

If you’re worried that you’re pregnant, you will never go to your mom and share your fears. Our parents never speak to us about contraception. At a young age, our moms accompany us to the gynaecologist, so that rules out the possibility of us talking openly to the doc. Which makes us rely mainly on word of mouth, from friends as young and naïve as us. But wouldn’t it be nice, if we didn’t have this barrier and we could openly talk about our sex lives? Imagine not being judged when you talked about kissing a cutie at the club. Imagine going on a weekend getaway with bae and not be worried about being caught when you’re asked where you are. Ah, that will be so much easier, even though right now it’s even difficult to think of. But in an ideal India, our parents would know we are sexually active and be rather supportive. Maybe kids of millennial parents would enjoy this privilege. Here’s how it will be awesome.

1) You won’t have to tell them you’re sleeping over at a friend’s

How many times have you been canoodling with bae and told your parents you’re at a friend’s place? Even the most confident liar has anxiety at the back of their mind when they lie to their parents. If our parents knew the truth, we could simply tell them the truth. Maybe your weekend getaways with bae wouldn’t be as rare as they are now, and wouldn’t be ridden with anxiety.

2) Instead of looking up things on Google, you will be able to ask your mom

Whether it’s your vagina hurting or you think you have UTI, you end up being on Google and it leads you to believe you have a life-threatening disease. Only if you could seek the guidance of your mom who obviously knows much more than you do!

3) Sex won’t be taboo

Nobody talks about sex because they see it as taboo. They see it as taboo because nobody is talking about it. This vicious circle needs to break and like charity, sex education too begins at home. Women shouldn’t feel guilty about having sex and nobody should be able to slut shame a woman for being sexually active. Unless our attitudes change at home, our society is not going to change.

4) You will feel safer

Just knowing that our parents know about our whereabouts makes us feel safer. Plus, your parents will point out if you’re being sexually manipulated or abused. I am assuming that most of us after growing up are more confident to put our foot down when it comes to using protection. But several young girls are timid and end up relying on emergency contraceptives. If our parents knew these things, they would guide us. It just naturally would feel so much safer. In fact, even if we mess up, we’d know they have our back.

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5) Your bond with your parents will improve

Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen families quietly having their meals? That’s because most families have nothing to talk about. We talk about our love and sex lives with our friends and if that’s ruled out, what do we talk about with our parents? Why can’t we be ourselves, unabashedly? Realistically speaking, our parents would give a tight slap right across our face. In an ideal world, that would be possible and it would make our relationship with our parents so much better.

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